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Police are looking for a suspect after a Crittenden home was invaded and the owner was tied up in his bathroom.
Larry Brown, 65, answered a knock on the door of his Alexander Road home around 9 p.m. Feb. 11 only to be tackled while in his wheelchair by an unknown white male.

The medium-sized suspect, who was wearing a T-shirt like a bandana across his face, a baseball hat and a blue flannel jacket, wrestled Brown to the ground.
“I told him to pick my wheelchair up because battery acid was going to start leaking out,” Brown said. “When he refused to do that, I knew something else was going on. That’s when I started fighting him real good. He started to choke me out and I just gave up. He was on top of me. I just figured he was out to rob me.”
Brown said the man tied his hands behind his back and told him that he was not going to hurt him.

The suspect then dragged Brown, who is unable to walk because he has one leg gone at his knee and only half of a foot on his other leg, into a back bathroom.
The suspect eventually untied Brown, but tied the bathroom door shut so Brown could not get out.
“He kept calling me by my name so I knew that he knew me,” Brown said. “I never told him my name. I didn’t recognize his voice, but he had a very young voice. If I hear his voice again, I would recognize his voice. I didn’t know what he looked like.”
Brown estimated he was in the bathroom for at least a couple of hours.

The suspect allegedly hung around for awhile going through the home, smoking cigarettes and watching television.
Before leaving, Brown said the suspect said he was going to put a note in someone’s mailbox letting them know that he was in the bathroom so they could let him out.
Brown asked the suspect if he would call his brother, who lives nearby, to let him know so he would not have to stay in the bathroom overnight.

Although Brown gave the suspect his brother’s phone number, it does not appear he ever called.
However, a piece of cardboard was found the following day inside the mailbox of Brown’s brother with the message “”Let Larry out of his bathroom. He is locked in there with no food. He has been robbed” written on it.

Eventually, Brown took the lid off the back of the tank of the toilet and used it to bust the door down.
“I kept hollering for (the suspect) and he wasn’t answering,” Brown said. “I was coming out of that room. As soon as I got out, I called the police.”

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office received the call from Brown at 11:41 p.m. Feb. 11.
Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills said the suspect  took two pistols, multiple collector knives, a wallet, a checkbook and a 1992 silver Toyota pickup truck with an extended cab, no rear bumper and a Kentucky license plate number HPW228.

The truck has not been located.
“There is no doubt the person who entered knew Mr. Brown and also knew his brother,” Dills said. “He called Larry by name and he knew he had a brother. He even went to his brother’s to put a note in the mailbox to let Larry out. We don’t believe it was a random act.”

Although he lives alone and is unable to walk, Brown said he is not worried about his home being invaded again.
“Next time, I will be ready,” he said. “It won’t happen again.”
Anyone with information about the home invasion or the stolen truck is asked to call the Grant County Sheriff’s Office at 824-3333.