Surrender the throne of the heart

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There is a show on cable that is getting a lot of acclaim. The show is called Game of Thrones. Now, before you say anything, I have never seen the show. And I would suggest that you avoid watching it as well. However, I am intrigued by the show’s concept. If I understand correctly, the show depicts a constant battle involving multiple families, each vying for the throne of a mythical kingdom.  You’re probably wondering why a Baptist pastor is writing about such a show.  

Well, recently I heard a message from a fellow pastor that cut me to the core. His basic message was this: each of us was created by God with a throne on our heart.
Not surprising, God created that throne specifically for Him to sit on. He did this because He knows that He is infinitely more suited to sit on that throne than anyone else. He has a perfect plan for our lives. He has done all the work to redeem us from sin through His Son, Jesus. He has the perfect formula for true joy, true peace, true hope. The reality is there is no one better equipped to rule on the throne of our hearts.

But, here’s the rub: most of us, by our actions, attempt a daily coup, seeking to place ourselves on that throne. While we would never admit that we preferred to be on the throne of our hearts above God, we live our lives in just that manner. We make the rules. We determine what is best in our lives. We decide how we are going to approach a certain temptation. We ignore the guidance of our Creator and pursue that which seems most pleasurable.

Here’s the challenge given by my fellow pastor: raise the white flag. Surrender the throne of your heart. Because those things that we would pursue as our own king will never satisfy! The pleasures of this world will, at best, fade away and leave us wanting more, and, at worst, lead us down a road of disappointment and destruction. We were not created to sit on the throne of our own hearts. We are inadequate kings. Our only hope is to surrender our hearts to the King of Kings and allow Him to lead us to love, joy, peace, and hope.

Will you raise the white flag of surrender today and abandon the game of thrones?
(Josh Hildebrand is the pastor at Sherman Baptist Church in Dry Ridge. He can be reached at 859-428-2695 or by visiting the website at www.shermanbaptist.org)