Stamp prices to climb May 11

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By Bryan Marshall

Local post offices are seeing an increase in the popularity of Forever Stamps since the announcement of postage prices rising effective May 11.

The Governors of the U.S. Postal Service recently approved new prices for mailing services, including a 2-cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail stamp to 44 cents.

Customers can continue to mail letters at current prices by purchasing Forever Stamps, which do not have a denomination and will be honored whenever they are used with no need for additional postage for a one-ounce letter mailing, before the price increases May 11.

“Over the last four days, we’ve sold 100 (Forever Stamp) books a day, which is higher than normal,” said Ron Becker, Williamstown postmaster. “We’ll see a big push now and into next month. Why not save a few bucks? A lot of businesses can save money when you look over the whole next year and their expenses and their postage.”

“That’s about all anybody is asking for right now,” Betty Milner, Dry Ridge postmaster, said about the Forever Stamps.

Rising operational costs make the price adjustments necessary, according to the U.S. Postal Service.

For the average household, the First-Class Mail stamp price change will represent an additional $3 over the course of the year.

For First-Class Mail, there will be no changes in the current additional ounce price, which remains at 17 cents.

All new prices are available at usps.com/prices.

Becker said customers will be notified by mail likely a month before the price increase takes effect.

He said he does not believe the increase will have a big effect on the business of everyday customers.

“I don’t think 2 cents is going to hurt them too bad,” Becker said. “I think there’s a bigger increase in the parcel post that will effect some of the businesses if they’re going to mail a whole lot of parcel post mailings. In our area, we don’t have a whole lot of that.”

Milner agrees that the changes should not cause much problems.

“I think the Postal Service has the cheapest rates of anybody,” she said. “I think we have the best business and the best service.”