Spotlight on Grant County Extension Homemakers

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Hamberg advises: ‘Just get involved’

Name: JoAnn Hamberg of Corinth

Club: Lunch and Learn
Hobbies: I crochet, fish, make crafts, scrapbook, play cards and slot machines, travel and garden.

Years involved in homemakers: I’ve been involved for four years.

What do you get out of being a member of homemakers: I enjoy the new friends that I’ve made and learning new things. I also enjoy the volunteerism.
What is the best lesson you’d pass on to other homemakers: Just get involved! You’d be surprised at how much you are appreciated.

What is the most meaningful homemaker project that you’ve participated in: Learning to make a quilt board, which enabled me to make something good enough, not only to enter at the fair, but to win ribbons and eventually hang it on our kitchen wall.

What is your favorite song and type of music: “Unforgettable” is my favorite song. I love country music and enjoy all music with the exception of rap.

Favorite holiday: Christmas—and my birthday.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: Australia seems so unreachable for me and its beauty is mesmerizing.

Tell one thing about yourself that might surprise your friends and family if they knew: I’ve always wanted a guitar and to learn how to play folk music.