Spoonamore makes most of senior year

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By Ryan Naus

Patrick Spoonamore had never run cross-country before, but that didn’t stop the senior from taking part during his last year in high school.

“All of my friends are in it and I like running, so I decided to go for it,” Spoonamore said. “I just wanted to do well and have fun doing it.”

Even though he was only a part of the team for one year, Spoonamore left a lasting impression on his coach.

“The main thing about Patrick is that he got everybody motivated and got their game faces on,” Williamstown coach Michelle Whaley said. “He kept the team loose and had a lot of fun, no matter how we performed. I wish he would have participated before his senior year because he’s definitely talented and he will be missed. When he came, he was good and he just kept getting better. He’s full of positive energy and is very respectful. He’s phenomenal. He’s a good role model for other runners.”

By taking part in cross-country, Spoonamore was also agreeing to daily practices that were grueling and would test how committed he was to a sport that he just picked up. Despite the hard work that he had to put in it, Spoonamore stuck with the sport and learned a lot about himself.

“I knew it would be a lot of hard work and I had the mindset that if I could get through it, I could get through any type of running,” Spoonamore said. “I never knew how hard and how tough the training is. There are people that run two to 20 miles a day because they need to so they can be good. I appreciated that people stay with it because they have a passion for the sport. I never realized how pumped up you can get for running and how much fun it can be.

“I can relate it to basketball,” he said. “I listen to one song (Lose It by Eminem) to get my head where it needs to be and to get motivated.”

His dedication paid off as he won his first race, the Licking River Run.

“At the end, I was tired,” he said. “I went all out the whole time. I was also excited because our team won.”

Spoonamore appreciated the extra time that he got to spend with his friends, especially on the team’s overnight trip for the Hillbilly Run.

“We went swimming and we all hung out,” he said. “It was nice being able to bond with my friends and our coach and all of that fun stuff.”

As a part of the team, Spoonamore had hoped to qualify for state as a team, but the Demons weren’t able to.

“Our team had a good chance of going to state, but we came up short of meeting our goal. Our team’s pretty solid. We have a lot of good runners. They all need to have the mindset that they can do well.”

Spoonamore wanted to do well during races, but also wanted to do more.

“I think I helped create closer friendships,” he said. “I tried to make people have a better time even when they were down. That’s the kind of person I am. I try to make people laugh.”