Spicer invited to Kentucky’s Homecoming Queen

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

First, she was crowned Grant County High School’s 2008 Homecoming queen, then she was invited to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.

Now, Felicity Spicer, a senior at GCHS, has been selected as a finalist for Kentucky’s 29th annual Homecoming Queen Selection, which will be held April 18 and April 19 at the Executive Inn West in Louisville.

“It’s all been so amazing and unexpected,” said Spicer, who has a 100-watt smile that lights up a room. If the smile doesn’t garner attention, then her singing voice will.

“I just feel so blessed,” she said simply.

Life may not have always been kind to Spicer as she survived a near-deadly motor home fire and falling into alligator infested waters in Florida, but her mother told her to dream big.

“God always opens doors and gives an opportunity and my mom’s famous line of ‘your situation will not shape your destination’ is never far from me,” Spicer said.

Spicer is the only GCHS Homecoming Queen to have been invited to attend the Liberty Bowl. Spicer received this honor which came about after Theresa Herald, the guidance counselor at GCHS, gave her a packet from America’s Homecoming Queen, Inc.

Spicer had to fill out forms and list her community involvement and any special recognition/awards that she has received during her high school career.

In order to go, she had to raise $1,200, so she sent letters to businesses and individuals asking for help.

“I was with girls that got there because their parents just wrote a check, but I got there because the community sent me and that made me proud and thankful,” she said. “I was in awe and kept wondering how I got there, but I thanked God for the experience.”

During the AutoZone Liberty Bowl festivities, she participated in a parade on Beale Street, luncheons and dinners with 70 other homecoming queens from different regions and states and the highlight of the trip was being escorted by a National Guardsmen to pre-game events.

Spicer found herself during the half-time show just an arm’s length from Sara Evans.

“In a word, it was unbelievable,” Spicer said.

Spicer’s stepfather, Phil Williams, warned Felicity and her mother, Chrissy, that most of the half-time show that would be shown on TV would be focused on Evans, a country music star.

“I couldn’t even see her where I was sitting, but I just told God that if we’re doing what you want to let us know and there her face was on the big screen,” Chrissy said.

Being on stage isn’t new to Spicer, who has grown up singing gospel music in places as small as a hospital room for a sick elderly patient to singing at groundbreaking ceremonies for the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Williamstown, the Grant County Relay For Life or Williamstown’s Derby Idol contest, which she won in 2007.

Upon graduation from GCHS, she plans to go to Northern Kentucky University and major in pre-pharmacy and then go to the University of Kentucky and finish her degree.

In April, she’ll find herself competing with 30 other girls who were invited to Kentucky’s 2009 Homecoming Queen competition, which is not like a traditional beauty pageant.

“When you say homecoming queen, people think beauty pageant, but it’s a scholarship pageant,” Spicer said.

America’s Homecoming Queen began in 1981 and participation is by invitation only. If Spicer were to be chosen as Kentucky’s Homecoming Queen, she’d earn an all-expense paid trip to the national competition in Los Angeles this summer.

“I’m honored and blessed,” she said. “This is definitely the cake and icing too.”