Soldier seeks lost pet

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

Josh Crupper came home to visit his family before he ships out for a tour in Afghanistan, but his visit ended in heartache when Crupper says someone stole his dog.

Crupper and his wife, Casey, stopped at the Speedway in Dry Ridge on Friday, Aug. 2 around 10:30 a.m. on their return trip to New York.
“We came back and he was gone,” Crupper said.
Rusty, a 5-month-old Jack Russell, was inside the vehicle when they went inside.

Crupper said he knows the dog didn’t jump out of the car because all the windows were rolled up.
“I know someone took him,” Crupper said.

The Cruppers got Rusty, who has one black nail on his left paw, as well as brown spots that resemble rust sprinkled across his face, in May after learning they would not be able to have children.
“He’s kind of like our child and that’s what makes it hard that he’s gone,” Crupper said.

The Cruppers first noticed Rusty was not in the car after leaving the gas station and getting on Interstate-75.
As soon as they realized he was gone they drove back to Dry Ridge and searched for him for three hours.

“We yelled and yelled and never heard anything so I know someone took him because otherwise he would have come to us,” Crupper said.

Crupper, the son of Kevin and Jenny Crupper, attended Grant County High School. He graduated from Pendleton County High School and has spent the last four years in the Army, based out of Ft. Drum.

He’s spent a year-long tour in Afghanistan and will be returning for another tour this fall.
Rusty was going to keep Crupper’s wife company while he was gone.

“We miss him and want him back,” Crupper said.
Crupper has spoken to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department. Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills said his department will review video surveillance from the Speedway in hopes that the cameras recorded the incident.

“It was a good trip, all the way up until that day when Rusty was taken,” Crupper said.
Anyone with information about Rusty, should call the Grant County Sheriff’s Department at 859-824-3333.