Sheriff won’t enforce gun mandates

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills said he will not enforce any mandates, regulations or rules restricting firearms.

“Now, more than ever, I believe we – as American citizens – need to be able to protect ourselves and our families from the dangers of a broken world. I also believe it is my duty, as the sheriff of Grant County, to protect our citizens and their Constitutional rights,” Dills wrote in a letter that he posted on Facebook.
He said the reason he decided to compose the letter was because he’s been receiving numerous calls, emails and inquiries from the public about his stance on the Second Amendment.

“While I stand by our federal government in developing legislation to better register and track weaponry, which will help law enforcement in cases where weapons are stolen or used, I will NOT enforce any legislation that violates the United States Constitution and our Second Amendment Rights,” Dills wrote in the letter.
Since he posted the letter on Jan. 31, he’s received more than 80 “likes.”

Dills said he took an oath of office, which includes his support of the U.S. Constitution, Kentucky’s Constitution and that includes the Second Amendment.

Dills, a father of five, said the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in December “shook him to the core” but he doesn’t believe there’s an easy fix to the current epidemic of mass shootings.
“What I do know to be true is that we live in a violent world and guns are not the only factor in the equation. Extremely violent video games, news media giving 24-hour coverage to these murderous events and mental illness all contribute to this epidemic,” he said.

In the month following the shooting at Sandy Hook, President Barack Obama proposed gun control measures, signing 23 executive orders and outlining a plan to tighten federal gun regulations.
Obama asked Congress to approve federal legislation that would require background checks on all firearm purchases, including those from private sellers. Obama also wants Congress to ban military-style assault weapons and place limits on high-capacity magazines.

These strict federal laws contract with Kentucky’s laws and Dills said he believe they violate the Constitution.
“Banning guns is not the answer because then no one can protect themselves,” Dills said. “I’m going to protect Grant County citizens and the way to do that is by upholding the Constitution.”