Seniors reminisce about memories made on the field

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By Ryan Naus

Time passes so quickly on the field, but Grant County’s girls’ soccer team made the most of the time they had together.

“Playing for Grant County has been a great experience,” Alexis Amorese said. “You get to play for a school and be a part of something bigger than yourself and even bigger than a team because you’re representing somebody. You’ll wear your stuff out and know that you’re representing Grant County soccer and everyone else on your team.

“It’s been a lot of fun and I’ll definitely miss it. It’s your rock. It’s something that you know is a constant. You can have a terrible day, but you still know you have soccer to go to.,” she said.

“Through the years, playing has been a lot of fun. They are like my family. Now that I have to leave, I have to make a new family,” Casey Jansen said.

“Playing for Grant County has been a great experience. I didn’t think I would be part of a team, especially a soccer team. I’m really glad that I played soccer through high school,” Jessie Kinman said. “It’s nice representing a school that you’re proud of. Especially, going through school and being the soccer girls, it’s been great. Our team is a big family that I’ll miss when I go to college.”

“Soccer has been great because the people I play with now are the people I’ve played with my whole life. I feel a comfort zone when I play,” Meghan Kinman said.

“It was fun. It was a lot different to have a new coach. It’s always difficult to get a new coach anytime, but as seniors it was a lot harder because you get used to a routine and everything changes. I think it was a better change. We improved a lot. I think Eric (Ashcraft) did a great job,” Candace Gorby said.

“It was fun. I think we all got a lot closer as seniors,” Ashlie List said.

All of the seniors have played together for at least three years, with several playing together longer than that. In the time they’ve played with each other, they’ve gotten to know each other, on and off the field.

“Playing with these seniors has been really fun. I’ve known most of them through middle school and high school. I’ve been with these girls so long, it will be hard to get away from them,” Jansen said.

“They are pretty much my best friends. It will be hard going away from them. You go to soccer every day and you look forward to it. It’s nice having that connection with so many girls and knowing they will be there for you no matter what,” Jessie said.

“All the seniors this year are like our sisters. We’re all like sisters and I think that shows on the field with how we work together. We know where people were on the field because we knew them so well. We played together so long that we work so well together and hopefully that showed this year,” Meghan said.

“I love my group of seniors. I could not have asked for anyone else. We all get along and love each other. It will be hard leaving them because we’ve all come together and learned about each other and life. It may be a sport, but it’s a sport that teaches you life lessons,” Amorese said.

While on the field, they’ve learned a lot and have advice for younger players.

“Play with heart and always give your best effort. You’re not always going to win, but if you try hard, you’ll feel good anyways, knowing you did the best you can,” Gorby said.

“Do your best and care about the team you’re playing for. Don’t just be on the team. Be on the team because you care,” List said.

“Put your heart into it. Some people aren’t athletically inclined, but if you put your heart into it, there’s nothing you can’t overcome. It has to be something you love. If it’s something you can’t live without, it’s a huge part of people’s lives. It should be something that’s incredibly important to you,” Amorese said.

“You have to try your best and work as hard as you can. Keep practicing and do whatever you can to make yourself better,” Jansen said.

“Don’t settle for the least. You have to come out and know you’re going to be the best you can be,” Jessie said.

“If you come out and think that you’re going to do something wrong, then you will. That was probably my problem. I didn’t think that I was that good at soccer when I started, but everyone on the team helped me out. You have to know you’re going to succeed in anything that you do,” Jessie said.

“Practice makes perfect. I coach 4 or 5 year olds and I see them having fun with it. They don’t know what they’re doing, but they know they have to try hard. Work at it and if it’s something that you want to do and are passionate about, everything will fall into place,” Meghan said.

They’ve made a lot of memories, but for the girls, each one is one they will cherish and remember when their time at Grant County High school is done.

“I don’t think I have one specific favorite. It’s been a lot of fun playing for Grant County. All the girls are really nice and everyone cared about everyone else,” Gorby said.

“The people we met was my favorite part. It was about soccer, but meeting a lot of new people was great,” List said.

“I don’t have one memory because we had so much fun throughout the four years. Seeing each other grow and having everyone work together was great,” Meghan said.

“I don’t have a particular favorite memory. Senior night was amazing, but I’m going to miss playing with everyone so much. We got a CD of pictures after the district game had all of our pictures together. One picture that I’ll always remember had all of the seniors together leading stretches. You don’t realize what matters to you most until it’s over. I’ll always remember our senior year,” Jessie said.

“The thing that I will miss the most is being with my girls. They are so funny and happy and now that soccer is over, I feel like I’m not as happy anymore,” Jansen said. “The funniest moments were every time I was with these girls. I laughed constantly and they made fun of me, which I laughed even more about. Everything was so positive.”

“People say it’s just a sport or it’s just high school, but it’s our rock. It keeps us sane. My first goal is a great memory, but you can’t base four years on a couple of memories. You have bad moments, but you come together as a team. Even the bad moments turned out to be good moments in the end,” Amorese said.