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Jonesville Post Office could be closed

By Jamie Baker-Nantz

If the Jonesville Post Office closes, Arbidella Richardson is afraid for the town she’s called home for many years.

“When you lose your post office, you lose your town,” she said.

In an effort to trim its budget, the United States Postal Service has closed small, rural post offices across the country and the Jonesville location could be next.

Postal officials have scheduled a meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12 at the Jonesville Fire House to discuss the issue and hear from residents.

Richardson, who not only serves as post master, but owns the building the post office is housed in, doesn’t want to see her little corner of the world changed.

“I have business from all over the county,” she said. “Within a five-mile radius of the post office there’s at least five different zip codes and this is a busy little place.”

The post office is so small, it doesn’t even have a restroom. Richardson, the only employee, has to walk across the street to the Jonesville Market.

“We’ve got the store, the bank and the post office,” she said. “If you close one of them, it’s going to hurt the rest.”

For Richardson, saving the post office isn’t just about saving her job, but it’s about serving the public.

“Gas is almost $4 a gallon and some people can’t afford to drive in and get their mail everyday so it’s going to be pretty inconvenient for them,” she said.

Richardson, who also volunteers in her community with the fire department, has been known to hand carry mail to an elderly resident who just couldn’t get to the post office.

She said the post office has 90 P.O. box customers and she’s hoping even more from the community will attend the meeting and express their opinion.

“I think losing the post office would be a blow to the town, so I’m just hoping for the best,” she said.

Tuesday, July 12, 6 p.m.
Jonesville Fire House