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Taking it for granted

The sun rises each morning and brings the light. The time changes hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, finally the sun sets giving way to wonderful colors and a dimming light. Every day will come and go bringing yet another sunrise.
Some of the simplest pleasures happen during this time of the day. The clouds float peacefully by, the sound of chirping birds, the blooming beauty of landscaping, a gentle refreshing breeze that just might come our way.
One of the dangers of any relationship is taking the other person for granted. Then we fail to appreciate the value of the person. Then we assume certain amenities for granted. It is bad enough when we do that with our friends or family. But sadly we also do this with Christ and his amazing grace.
The gift of salvation is absolutely amazing. We are saved by grace through faith. But that does not mean that we should take it for granted. If we do, we cheapen God’s grace. Then we cheapen the work of Christ.
It is the tendency of our sinful nature to think of ourselves that we are gods, that we have earned all the good things in our lives. But we could not be further from the truth. We are not the center of the universe. We are not the cause of goodness in our lives. And certainly we do not deserve grace.
God loves us and He wants good things for us. But we are not to take His gifts for granted. We are not to break His heart. God invites us to live in a love relationship with Him. God beckons us to live in His grace. God gives His best to us and we are not to cheapen it by using it for our own purposes. We are not to assume we can do whatever we please. We need to let Christ save us not only from hell but sin.
How to then live in such a way that we don’t take Christ or God’s grace for granted? It’s the very same way we stay close to God. We interact with Him daily. We read His Word. We apply it into our lives. We stay in His presence. We contemplate on His overwhelming grace. We pray without ceasing. We let the Holy Spirit work in us. We focus on God not on ourselves or our problems. We obey God and follow His guidance. We celebrate God. We embrace what God is doing in our lives. We give thanks to God. We praise Him forever and ever.
Will we thank the Lord for He has given us this life to live?
Will we see opportunities to share with others and in this way God’s gift we will give?
Let us enjoy every sunrise and every sunset that God gives. And let us share His wonderful love with every single being that lives.
(Brian Smallwood is the youth pastor for Dry Ridge Baptist Church. He can be reached at 859-824-5501)