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A little tree trimming

In my driveway, I was trying to get my three kids out of the van, when I found the van door wouldn’t shut on one side. I kept pressing the automatic closer button and it wouldn’t close. The question that came to mind was: “What did the kids do to the van?” I soon realized that the branches from a nearby tree were hanging so low that they were in the way of the door closing. I moved the tree limbs out of the way and the next day I inspected the tree. I came to the realization that over time, subtly and slowly the tree had become overgrown. It was so overgrown that my family and I were walking around the driveway to get into the garage. The tree was in the way and keeping us from using our driveway as it was designed to be used.

Our lives are the same way. Over time, slowly and subtly, things get into our lives that keep us from being who we are supposed to be. Many times we don’t even recognize they are there and keeping us from being who we are supposed to be until “the door won’t close.” It is in that moment that we ask “why am I doing this”?
The Bible explains that every human being was and is created with a purpose, to glorify God. It says: “Do all to the glory of God” and “The Lord has made all things for His glory.” However, despite those directives, we focus on our own happiness and pleasure while the Bible says we should be focusing upon giving God glory.
What is it in your life that is a tree branch blocking your view and keeping you from glorifying God? It all starts in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

(Josh Landrum is the pastor of Knoxville Baptist Church. He can be reached at 823-4441,Blog: http://pastorjoshreflections.blogspot.com/ or Twitter @Landrum_Josh. The church website is www.KnoxvilleBaptist.org)