For the Record 9-16-10

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By The Staff


July 12:

(Commissioner’s Deed) Residential Funding Real Estate Holdings; and William J. Bush and Jamie L. Bush, husband and wife., by April Hollon Gatlin, Master Commissioner to SJ Property, Management, LLC, lot 50, Section 4 of Grantland Estates Subdivision, $85,100

(Quit Claim Deed) Sara E. Voelker to Brandon N. Voelker, South Main Street property in Williamstown, $162,000

K & W Homes, Inc. to Douglas W. Reddinger and Brittany R. Soper, lot 92, Section 2 of Maple Ridge Subdivision, $18,285

(General Warranty Deed) Thomas R. Milberg and Carla E. Milberg to Rebound Properties, LLC, South Main Street property in Crittenden, $105,000

(Quit Claim Deed) Wavie J. Renfro to Wavie J. Renfro and Chuck E. Fiscus, Lemon Northcutt Road property, $72,000

July 14:

The Autumn Group, LLC to Jackie Young and Angel Young, Layton Chapel Road property, $130,000

(General Warranty Deed) Deena Slaughter and David Lockwood to David Lockwood, White Chapel Road property, $39,000

(Sole Ownership-Cash Deed for Kentucky) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert Lee Harlow and Carol S. Harlow, Independence Road property, $47,000

(Commissioner’s Deed) Chase Home Finance, LLC; and Raul V. Maya and Esther Maya, husband and wife, by April Hollon Gatlin, Master Commissioner to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 69, Section 1 of Thoroughbred Run Subdivision, $86,667

(Commissioner’s Deed) Wells Fargo Bank; and Jason J. Boswell, single, by April Hollon Gatlin, Master Commissioner to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ashbrook Road property, $66,667

July 15:

(General Warranty Deed) Robert Godfroid and Susan Godfroid to Craig Liechty and Cassandra Liechty, lot 40 of Noel Cash Subdivision, $168,000

The Estate of Mary Ann Went, deceased, to Bruce Cox and Anita R. Cox, lot 30 of Pin Hook Place, $175,00

(Quit Claim Deed) Kinsey Beach and Barbara Beach to Kinsey Beach and Barbara Beach, Elliston Napoleon Road property, $3,500

(General Warranty Deed) Calvin Keith Whiteker and Rita Ann Whiteker to Gary W. Whiteker and Clara M. Gordon, Kentucky Route 36 property in Williamstown, $65,000

July 16:

(Quit Claim Deed) Sharolyn Willoughby to Royce Allen Willoughby, lot 12 and 13, Section 2 of Toole Bros. Southern Hills Subdivision, $93,000

(General Warranty Deed) Sonny Adkins and Amanda Covey to Raymond McKinney, lot 109, Section 3 of Brentwood Estates Subdivision, $122,000

July 19:

Maple Ridge Development, LLC to Lescal J. Taylor, Patricia A. Taylor, Jospeh L. Utter and Sandra J. Utter, lot 130 and 131, Section 4 of Maple Ridge Subdivision, $247,500

John Gregory Nix and Nancy K. Nix to Betty M. Beach, Folsom-Jonesville Road property, $1,800

Elizabeth M. Stecht and Dennis Stecht to Russell Asher and Alma C. Asher, lot 45 and 46 of County Club Estates, $360,000

July 20:

Nora B. Feltner to Nora B. Feltner, Bakers-Williams Road property, $108,500