For the Record 7-21-11

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May 27:
Grant County Deposit Bank to Robert E. McBurney and Virginia A. McBurney, Shields Shinkle Road property, $275,000
June 1:
(Quit Claim Deed) Bobbi Jo Hegge and David Jason Hegge to Bobbi Jo Hegge, Heekin Lawrenceville Road property, $187,000
June 2:
Larry O’Neill and Connie O’Neill to Norman R. Whitney and Janice M. Whitney, lot 97, Section 2 of Claiborne Estates, $120,000
(Quit Claim Deed) Loretta Toole, Barry R. Toole and Barbara A. Toole to Barry R. Toole and Barbara A. Toole, Arnold’s Creek property, $170,000
June 3:
(Warranty Deed) William G. Dickhaus  to William G. Dickhaus and Alan J. O’Bryan, Trustees of the William G. Dickhaus Revocable Trust, Jonesville Road property, $300,000
(Commissioner’s Deed) Wells Fargo Bank, Margie R. Allison, American General Financial Services, Inc., Unknown defendant, spouse of Margie R. Allison, by Edward M. Bourne, Master Commissioner to Carolos O. Gray and Mary Lou Gray, lot 33 of Charlotte Heights Addition, $27,000
(General Warranty Deed) Elizabeth Taylor to Kenneth E. Burk and Shannon L. Burk, lot 34, Section 3 of Steers Estates, $220,000
Cecil Perry and Marsha Perry to Ray Walker and Patricia Walker, lot 2, Section 2 of Claiborne Estates, $162,500
June 6:
(Quit Claim Deed) Robert S. Beckham to Robert S. Beckham and Daisy M. Parsons, Dixie Highway property of Corinth, $34,000
Stephen Tolliver to Robert J. Powell, lot 39, 40 and 41 of Stevens Creek Subdivision, $153,000
The Estate of Carter Leroy Humphrey, deceased, and Diane Humphrey to Estate of Charles E. Fuller, Napoleon-Zion Station Road property, $28,000
June 7:
(Sole Ownership-Cash Deed of Kentucky) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jeremy Hilterbrand, North Main Street property in Williamstown, $79,502
(Sole Ownership-Cash Deed of Kentucky) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John Bartram, lot 73, Section 2 of Greenview Estates Subdivision, $102,000
June 8:
(Quit Claim Deed) Renee Ollberding to Dale Richardson, Mason-Cordova Road property, $101,200
June 10:
(Special Warranty Deed) Green Tree Servicing, LLC to David C. Karshner and Thalia M. Karshner, Napoleon-Zion Station Road property, $33,000
June 14:
(Special Warranty Deed) Florence F. Leesman, executrix of the Estate of Shirley A. Angel to Florence F. Leesman, lot 15, 22 and 24, Unit 1 of Paradise Point, $1,500
June 15:
Jane Ashcraft-West and Larry C. West, Jr. to Jerry A. Hopper, lot 95, Section 3 of Brentwood Estates Subdivision, $110,500
(Warranty Deed) Michael Taylor and Gloria Taylor to Thomas Heile and Ellen Heile, lot 228, Section 6 of the Harvesters, $87,500
June 16:
(Quit Claim Deed) Bonnie M. Anderson to Bonnie M. Anderson, Broadway property, $140,000
(Quit Claim Deed) Patrick S. Anderson to Patrick S. Anderson, lot 32, 33 and west half of lot 34 of Cabana Shores, $155,000
June 17:
(Warranty Deed) Carrie Knight to Rich Properties, LLC, lot 11 of Indian Trace Subdivision, $205,000
(Commissioner’s Deed) L & N Federal Credit Union; Megan M. Russell and Sean R. Russell, by Edward M. Bourne, Master Commissioner to L & N Federal Credit Union, tract 4 of Price Hill Drive in McGee  Subdivision, $20,001
June 18:
(General Warranty Deed) Steven L. Siereveld and Katherine N. Siereveld to Kyle B. Reams and Heather M. Reams, lot 11, Section 1 of Brentwood Estates Subdivision,$117,000
June 20:
Estate of Charles Coy, deceased, Annette Coy and John Hyslop to Christopher L. Hall, Sr. and Rebecca A. Hall, Baker Williams Road property, $93,000