For the Record 6-4-09

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By The Staff

  Civil Suits April 24: 21st Mortgage Corporation, attorney in fact for the CIT/Consumer Finance, Inc. vs. The Estate of Charles Lake, Hon. Stephen Bates, Public Administrator, Hazel Singleton and The Unknown Spouse of Hazel Singleton, default of payment on note Wells Fargo Bank vs. Armon A. Simpson, Tonya Sue Simpson and Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Grant-C/O Judge Executive, default of payment on note JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Unknown Defendant, spouse of Missy Bake, Unknown Defendants, who are the Heirs or Devisees of Legatees of Missy Baker & their spouses and any Unknown Person who may have an interest in the Property which is the subject matter of this action, Commonwealth of Kentucky-Inheritance Tax Division-Served: c/o Attorney General, County of Grant-Served: County Attorney and Grant County Deposit Bank-Served: D.W. Dills-Service Agent, default of payment on note April 27: The City of Williamstown vs. Paul Guenther, Kathleen Guenther, Jane Guenther, Jean Ranz, violation of express easement Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. vs. Jessie Grant, Unknown Spouse of Jessie Grant and Grant County, Kentucky-County Judge Executive or Designated Assistant, default of payment on note Joe Michael Lovely vs. Tammy Kay Lovely, petition for dissolution of marriage Robin E. McGee vs. Rodney E. McGee, petition for dissolution of marriage April 28: Reinhart Food Service vs. Michaels on Main, LLC and Martha Faye Haynes, default of payment for delivery of goods and performance of services Mary E. White vs. Charles White, petition for dissolution of marriage May 3; M&T Bank vs. Boumyy Vixay, default of payment on note May 4: CCMH Corporation vs. Matthew R. Watkins, default of payment for services Arrow Financial Services, LLC vs. Bethany H. McMahan, default of payment on note May 5: U.S. Bank National Association vs. Nathan Gemmer and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., default of payment on note May 6: Bullock Pen Water District vs. Ronnie L. Mann, verified complaint for condemnation May 7: Bobby Allen Brown, Jr. vs. Rebecca Marie Brown, petition for dissolution of marriage May 8: FIA Card Services vs. Carlotta G. Whitaker, default of payment on credit agreement Chase Bank USA vs. Sherry H. Mason, default of payment on note BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP vs. David S. Lee, Elizabeth F. Lee and Ameristar Financial Company, LLC, complaint for foreclosure BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP vs. Patricia Jackson, R.W. Jackson, R.W. Jackson, Inc. and WW Plaza, LLC, complaint for foreclosure May 11: Heather Marie Lamb vs. Matthew Thomas Lamb, petition for dissolution of marriage Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc. vs. Micah Lawson, default of payment for medical/hospital services May 12:

Tax Ease Lien Investments I, LLC vs. Debra Collins, Tom Bunker, William H. Blackburn, Unknown heirs of William H. Blackburn, Unknown spouse of William H. Blackburn, F. Blackburn, Unknown heirs of F. Blackburn, Unknown spouse of F. Blackburn, Elmore P. Blackburn, Unknown heirs of Elmore P. Blackburn, Unknown spouse of Elmore P. Blackburn, Lenore Blackburn, Unknown spouse of Lenore Blackburn, Humphrey Blackburn, Unknown spouse of Humphrey Blackburn, Fern Atha, Unknown spouse of Fern Atha, Fontane Cho, David Cho, Carol Cook, Doug Cook, Phoebe  Blackburn, Unknown heirs of Phoebe Blackburn, Unknown spouse of Phoebe Blackburn, Colleen Atha, Unknown heirs of Colleen Atha, Unknown spouse of Colleen Atha, Roy Atha, Unknown heirs of Roy Atha, Unknown spouse of Roy Atha, Unknown occupants of Napoleon Zion Station Road, Dry Ridge, Ky 41035, Kentucky Tax Bill Servicing and Commonwealth of Kentucky-Served: Grant County Attorney, default of payment on tax ease