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Property Transfers
Feb 14
(Special Warranty Deed) Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington D.C. to Paul E. Fox, 210 Brentwood Drive, $80,100.
Gary Sean Delaney and Keisha Whiteker to Bank of Kentucky, 220 Eagle Ridge Drive, 34,550.
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Michael T. Lyman and Joyce Lyman, 101 Regency Court, no amount given
(Warranty Deed ) Joint tenants for survivorship) C. Terry Gillespie, trustee of the Terry Gillespie Revocable Trust aka C. Terry Gillespie, Revocable Trust to Shane Carl Smithson and Rachel E. Smithson, 32 Wilorn Drive, $169,900.
(Deed of Conveyance) Michael Anthony Roland and Mary Beth Roland to Dolores Ann Luke and Wayne Lee Roland, southwest side of Juett Road, 1.1 miles from Lawrenceville Road, $48,000
(Quit Claim Deed) Jim Murphy aka James Murphy to Linda Murphy, eastern section of the Charlotte Heights Subdivision, lot number 35, $85,000.
(Special Warranty Deed) JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Timothy Twehues, 3210 Hyde Road, $103,000.
(Sole Ownership-Cash Deed for Kentucky) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Summer Miller, 205 Latimer Lane, $30,000.
(Sole Ownership-Cash Deed for Kentucky) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to George E. Stetter and Donna R. Stetter, 430 Latimer Lane, $45,000.
(Commissioner’s Deed) OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC, Nicholas W. Brummer, by Edward M. Bourne, Master Commisioner to OCWEN Loan Servicing, 29 Warsaw Road, $97,439.
(Quit Claim Deed) Bank of America N.A. and  Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 910 Juett Road, $1.
(Commissioner’s Deed) Grant County Deposit Bank, Anthony C. Troy by Edward M. Bourne, Master Commisioner to Grant County Deposit Bank 9255 Dixie Highway, $30,000.
(Special Warranty Deed) 21st Mortgage Corporation to George C. Webster, Jr., 3865 Lemon-Northcutt Road, $83,000.
(General Warranty Deed) Laura C. Smith to John R. Johnston and Brenda D. Johnston, 380 Rainbow Drive, $85,000.
(Quit Claim Deed) Rebekah Joann Courts n/ka/ Rebekah Joann White and William Hiett White IV to Rebekah Joann White and William Hiett White IV, 1375 Elliston-Napoleon Road, no amount given.
(Quit Claim Deed) Melissa Sumner to Cooper Holdings, LLC, 950 Reeves Road, $2,000.
(Quit Claim Deed) Charles Collins and Eugene Dunn, co-executors of Byron Estate, a stake in Nix’s line in the Kinman Road and Rattlesnake Branch and on Salem Pike, $300,000.
(Deed of Conveyance) Brian Joseph Mardis and Daniel Baity Mardis, to Debora E. Pyles, Stringtown School House Road, $25,000.
(Deed of Conveyance) Gerald Massie and Lois B. Massie and Robert P. Massie and Ashley P. Massie to Tameca N. Switzer and Dennis Switzer, south side of Keefer Road, .25 mile west of  Shiloh Road, $63,000.
(Deed of Conveyance) John Cleveland Ammerman and Judith M. Artrip Ammerman to Ronald R. Goderwis and Judy L. Goderwis, southwest side of Alexander Lane, $200,000.
Betty J. Marshall to Robinson Family LLC, 720 Baton Rouge Road, $395,000.

Crystal Lynn Eagle, 22, Revanna, Ohio, unemployed, to Kenneth Bernard Harris, Dry Ridge, 25, United States Marine
Melanie Kaye Sweet, 52, Dry Ridge, produce manager, to Glenn Allen St. Hilaire, 61, Dry Ridge, welder
Victoria Katlyn Stidams, 19, Dry Ridge, housekeeper, to William Anthony Neal, 22, Dry Ridge, unemployed
Jeanie Gail Martin, 44, Middletown, Ohio, hairstylist, to Michael Patrick Howard, 42, Middletown, Ohio, crane operator
Ann Marie Fletcher, 32, Dry Ridge, homemaker, to Robert Carroll Pope Jr., 43, Dry Ridge, truck operator
Cassandra Ann Cummins, 18, Dry Ridge, cashier, to James Alvie Jackson III, 23, Dry Ridge, detailer
Christina Lucille Meagher, 35, Williamstown, retail, to Phillip Henry Cobb, 41, Williamstown, unit assembler
Angella Marie Schwartz, 36, Dry Ridge, head cashier, to Zachary Marion Chase Clifford, 30, Dry Ridge, unemployed
Brenda Carol Hartman, 56, Williamstown, disabled, to Lance Bradford Colbert, 55, Williamstown, retired
Sandi Louann Brekke, 47, of Crittenden, disabled, to Michael Smith Slater, 46, Crittenden, disabled veteran
Tonya Marrie Scroggins, 40, Corinth, disabled, to Shawn Patrick Goerler, 38, Crittenden, disabled
Ashley Marie Howard, 27, Dry Ridge, housewife, to Jonathan Homer-Terry Kelly, 24, truck driver
Mercades Dawn Hansley, 18, Williamstown, unemployed, to John Wayne Aceto III, 17, student
Trina Fay Kelley, 48, Crittenden, disabled, to Michael Joseph Clayton, 58, Crittenden, truck driver
Susmita Shrestha, 24, Crittenden, student, to Chandan Krishna Shrestha, 32, business
Tonya Dale Clifton, 27, Dry Ridge, housekeeper, to Steven Edward, Iles, 28, Warsaw, material handler
Tiffany Marie Taylor, 20, Dry Ridge, server, to Devin Ryan Gordon, 20, Williamstown, cook
Danessa Carol Taylor-Holt, 41, homemaker, Williamstown, to Eric Wayne Mann, 35, Williamstown, builder
Kresta Lea Stone, 36, Williamstown, program assistant, to Richard Gregory Hearn, 37, Dry Ridge, firefighter
Meghan Kathleen Marie Flanagan, 22, Dry Ridge, on-site manager, to Christopher Glenn Newcomb, 24, Dry Ridge, assembly tech
Lois Ann Sowder, 49, Williamstown, job coach, to Jonathan Paul Brueckner, 49, Williamstown, truck driver
Stacy Olson Figueiredo,, 43, Cincinnatti, Ohio, nurse, to Jay Edward Remo, 43, Burlington, service technician
Brendie Jul Bennett, 23, Jonesville, assembly  technician, to Steven Jesse Warren, 35, Williamstown, assembly technician
Deborah Lynn McRoberts, 27, Williamstown, call center supervisor, to Justin Laural Stetter, 25, Williamstown, electrician
Ashley Nicole Pollard, 21, Crittenden, warehouse packer, to Matthew Sean McDaniel, 20, Crittenden, quality technician
Tamara Icy Freiermuth, 20, Dry Ridge, section head, to Timothy Michael Morris, 19, Dry Ridge, assembly technician
Amber Broooke Turner, 33, Dry Ridge, data entry, to Andy Wayne Schmidt, 29, Corinth, assembler
Kayla Nicole Fugate, 22, Crittenden, printer operator, to William Patrick Webb, 33, Crittenden, inbound supervisor
Tonya Marie Dye, 40, Jonesville, homemaker, to James Robert Reed, 37, Jonesville, stationary engineer
Wendy Glenn Crouch, 33, Dry Ridge, cosmetologist, to Justin Wayne Brown, 34, Dry Ridge, service technician
Jessica Rae Chambers, 27, Crittenden, homemaker, to Tony Lee Cobb, 50, Crittenden, truck driver
Lora Frances Scott, 37, Williamstown, child care, to Shane Fintan O’Brien, 34, logistics