For the Record 10-14-10

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By The Staff



August 21:

(General Warranty Deed) Kelli Bramley, Michael Bramley, Angela Dupin, Todd Dupin, Andrew Richardson, Stephanie Richardson, Jenna Richardson, Amy L. Wyatt and Jason Wyatt to James Travis Jones and Jessica Jones, Eibeck Lane property, $110,000

(General Warranty Deed) Brent Meints and Meagan Meints to William E. Mosley, Jr., lot 53, Section 2 of Greenview Estates Subdivision, $146,000

August 23:

(General Warranty Deed) Oona L. Wainwright to Lee Keys and Ellen Keys, Hogg Ridge Road property, $12,500

August 25:

(Special Warranty Deed) U.S. Bank National Association to W. Todd Wilson, Sunset Drive property, $58,000

(Commissioner’s Deed) Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; James S. Williamson and Michelle R. Williamson, husband and wife: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, by April Hollon Gatlin, Master Commissioner to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, lot 82, Section 2 of Greenview Estates Subdivision, $100,001

(Commissioner’s Deed) Clair Investment, LLC, James Caldwell and Linda Caldwell, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County for Grant, City of Crittenden and Forcht Bank, by Mark R. Cobb, Special Master Commissioner to Forcht Bank, Violet Road property, $100,500

(Quit Claim Deed) Gary A. Vannarsdall to John W. Richerson and Arbiedella D. Richerson, Kentucky Route 36 property, $4,000

August 26:

(General Warranty Deed) James L. Saner, Sr. and Maureen B. Saner to Thomas Hutchins and Beverly A. Hutchins, lot 12, Section 3 of Winnie McGee Subdivision, $52,500

R. Scott Schilling and Victoria A. Wood Schilling to David M. Kaiser and Cynthia A. Kaiser, Tyler Road property, $285,000

Edward L. Souder and Mary Florence Souder to David Edward Souder, Lawrenceville Road property, $10,000

August 28:

(Special Warranty Deed) Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Della McCoy and Donald Wilson, lot 12 of Willow Glenn Subdivision, $20,900

August 30:

(General Warranty Deed) Jane Oka and Thomas Oka to Keith Kinmon, lot 70, Unit 1 of Paradise Point, $75,000

Sylvia G. Mason to Robert Eugene Mason, Russell Flynn Road property, $15,000

Roy L. Beach to Michael James Campbell, Mt. Zion-Elliston Road property, $8,000

August 31:

Edward Bramlage, Executor of the Estates of Terrence G. Bramlage, deceased, and Lynda S. Bramlage, deceased, to Steven G. Bramlage, Cordova Road property, $175,000

Sept. 2:

(Special Warranty Deed) Federal National Mortgage Association to Lisa M. Liddell, Folsom-Jonesville Road property, $165,000

(General Warranty Deed) Brandon P. Wayne to Joshua C. Tubbs, Warsaw Road property, $147,500

(Warranty Deed) Floyd Gayle Gatewood, Marvena F. Gatewood, Janet Eileen Gatewood, Judith Ann Fortner and Stephen Keith Fortner to Floyd Gayle Gatewood, Janet Eileen Gatewood and Judith Ann Fortner, Jerrico Road property, $23,300

Sept. 3:

(Special Warranty Deed) U.S. Bank National Association to Douglas K. Marshall, Knoxville Road property, $36,000

Sept. 8:

(General Warranty Deed) Clinton Perry and Vicki Perry to Roy Whittaker, Shields Shinkle Road property, $138,000

(Commissioner’s Deed) GMAC Mortgage, LLC; and Mildred J. Conrad, single, by April Hollon Gatlin, Master Commissioner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Main Street property in Williamstown, $68,400

Sept. 9:

Richard Hornbeck and Jemma J. Hornbeck to Christopher R. Dehner and Serena E. Dehner, lot 4 of Coldiron Subdivision, $145,000

(Warranty Deed) Michael Stephen Kelsay and Lisa Kelsay to Mark T. Poynter and Kimberly L. Poynter, Jacob Drive property, $157,000

Robert B. Day and Nancy M. Day to Ricky J. Bosse and Kristy L. Bosse, lot 17, 18 and 19, Section 8 of Reeves Subdivision, $17,500

Sept. 10:

(Quit Claim Deed) Commonwealth of Kentucky to Grant County Fiscal Court, Zion Station Road property

September 13:

Estate of Anna Vincent to Roger Williamson and Terri Williamson, Kentucky Route 22 property, $190,000

Sept. 14:

(Special Warranty Deed) Forcht Bank to Cynthia A. Cahill, lot 2 of Country Club Estates, $168,000

(Commissioner’s Deed) BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP; Gregory W. Carr and Susan M. Carr, husband and wife; and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., by April Hollon Gatlin, Master Commissioner to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 16, Section 2 of Steers Estates, $155,000