Photographer Scott featured as Artist of the Month

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By Deborah Lucas Angel

Standing amid brilliant yet subdued waterfalls, daffodils, children and animals, a soft, country accent from Cecil Scott wraps around words like “aperture,” “f-stop” and “exposure.”

Scott has been taking pictures since 1980. He is the May/June Grant County Artist of the Month featured at the Grant County Tourism Office in the Dry Ridge Outlet Mall where is digital photography is on display.

From an eagle at the Louisville Zoo to a 1947 tractor rusting to a farm on KY 36, Scott enjoys photography.

“I’m just an ole country boy who likes to take pictures,” he said with a wry smile.

Scott has transitioned from the old school 35mm film to digital and will not go back. “When I go out, I take my laptop. I have a slide show right there. It’s so much easier than film. Whether I shoot one picture or a 1,000. Plus, it is cheaper,” he said.

Scott, born and raised in Grant County, likes “candid shots, especially.” But he “enjoys photography in general.” He is a mainly a self-taught artist.

“In my archives are pictures of a clock. I took pictures of it until I got it right,” he said. He did take classes at Northern Kentucky University from Skip Martin. However, during the course, Martin was asking Scott questions.

Scott said he began photography because of his “love of the arts.

Besides, I couldn’t draw a sick person, couldn’t paint the side of a barn,” he said.

So, he picked up a camera and started shooting that clock.

He does not intend to ever do photography as his career. He was told a while back that “as much as he enjoys photography, doing it full time would ruin it.

He has photographed weddings, but mostly for friends and family.

“I really just enjoy taking pictures,” he said.

Taking his part Shih Tzu/part Jack Russell Terrier, he hits the road and takes pictures to relax and rejuvenate.

Scott would like to see the next generation get involved in the arts.

“Young people are talented; there are a lot of talented kids in the county. I feel we’re falling short. We should be teaching and encouraging them to keep up their art work,” he said.

Scott’s photography will be on display through June 19. For more information, contact the Grant County Community Enrichment Through The Arts (CETA) at http://www.cetaarts.us/ or call the Grant County Tourism Office at grantcokytourism@fuse.net or call 859-824-3451.