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Don’t call yourself a sportsman


On Monday, Nov. 21, 2011 my wife and I took a day off from deer hunting to run a few errands.
As we approached a piece of property we hunt on Elliston-Mt. Zion Road and Sipple Road we noticed where someone had dumped a deer carcass on the property. After approaching the carcass, leaving the details out, we were absolutely infuriated with the sight.
As we returned home we found another spot where deer carcasses and trash were dumped close to Elliston Baptist Church. The men, women and children that make up the Elliston Flat Creek Homemakers Club are generous enough throughout the summer to take time out of their busy schedules to organize a clean-up effort to pick-up trash, etc along our county roadways and in return we get this.
So to the person or persons responsible for dumping the trash and deer carcasses on Elliston-Mt. Zion Road. I hope your reading this, you are a piece of trash just like you dumped and to think you might call yourself a sportsman, I don’t think so.
Perry and Tiffany McClure
Dry Ridge