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Sometimes acting like a kid again is fun

By Bryan Marshall


It’s hard to believe, but it has been more than 14 years since I graduated high school.
It feels like a lifetime ago I was cheering the Cats on at the University of Kentucky as a student.
Thinking back to when I was playing high school soccer, chatting with friends at lockers in the hallway and worrying about having to dance at homecoming and prom really is a distant memory.
However, I had an experience this past weekend that harkened back to my days as a care-free teen that spent every moment outside of school at my best friend’s house.
This weekend, I got the rare opportunity to hang out at a friend’s house with a couple other guys with no kids, no wife and no set time to be home.
What were four 30-something-year-olds — all with families they lovingly spend most of their time with — to do with themselves with no supervision?
What debauchery would we get into?
Would the cops be called at the end of the night?
I am sad to say the five-plus hours of freedom was innocent, a little bit embarrassing, but ultimately one of the more fun nights I’ve had in awhile.
Guys are pretty simple to entertain and we can make a competition into anything.
With a net, a bag of golf clubs and some plastic golf balls, our evening of entertainment was born.
The rules were easy.
You have the chance to chip four plastic golf balls into a net across the room.
Making it in the net gets you one point and you get three if you make it inside the inner target.
The fifth and final ball is more important, hence it being yellow in color.
If you make it in from a much further distance, the points are doubled.
The first to 30 wins.
We literally played this until nearly 2 a.m.
If our wives would have been there, we very well all could have been headed for divorce by now.
But, it was awesome.
It was stupid, mindless fun where you weren’t stressed about anything going on in your daily life and you didn’t have to chase kids around every five seconds.
It was a nice break from the norm, if only for a night.
So, how did it remind me of high school.
Well, things are about to get even more embarrassing for me as I admit one of the favorite activities my friends and I had most nights.
We devised a simplistic game in my best friend’s basement affectionately called Sockins.
We would put couch cushions on the floor as a base or safe haven.
All the lights would be turned off except a small lamp across the room that was covered with something to dim the brightness.
The person who was “it” would stand in an area near the base in a designated area armed with rolled up socks, hence the name Sockins,
The other players would have to crawl around undetected trying to make it to base without being hit with a sock.
Best. Game. Ever.
At least when we were younger.
It didn’t matter that the lack of light likely caused concussions from people diving into the pool table or running into a pole.
It didn’t matter that while others were out on dates or partying with friends that we were in a darkened basement throwing socks at each other. (Actually, that is weird in hindsight.)
All that matters was that we were having fun.
It didn’t cost any money (except any medical bills) and it was addictive.
When we were chipping those golf balls the other night I kept on looking at the time on my cell phone.
With each minute that passed, I knew that the next day was going to be torture for me because I would not get much sleep and I would be up with my two boys bright and early the next morning.
Still, when one game ended, I hesitated for only a brief second before agreeing to another round.
You only live once, even if you are with a group of friends, acting well below your age, you should take the chance to have fun once in awhile.
(Bryan Marshall is the staff writer for the Grant County News. He can be reached at bmarshall@grantky.com.)