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No matter how big she gets, she’s still mom’s baby girl


By Camille McClanahan

My favorite Halloween traditon is listening to my 5-year-old daughter, Cadence name off half a dozen different costumes and then changing her mind half a dozen more times on what she wants to be.
This year she wanted to be a Barbie, then a witch, then it was Tinkerbell. She finally decided on her own concoction of a Barbie Witch. When she finally picked out what she wants to be and I can get her to stick to one thing for longer than five minutes, we head to the bathroom to get ready.
She is a girly girl and tom boy all mixed up in one sweet beautiful little girl. We take our time and I listen to her talk, sounding all grown up, talking about what she does at school, about the kids on the bus, about our boxer Jacs and how she wants her hair done just so.
When I get her hair done she asks me “Mommy can you put some eyelashes on me?” So as I put a little eyeshadow on her eyelids, I think where has the time gone? When she’s all done, and what I’ve done suffices her, she has to model for her Mamaw and Papaw, step-dad, and a few of our closest friends.
For the last five years I’ve done this and as each Halloween rolls around I am amazed at how fast time goes by and just how fast my daughter is growing up to be a beautiful young lady, but as I always tell her it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be my baby girl.