Payton focuses on ministry outreach

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By Camille McClanahan

Mark Payton started ministering as a young age. The Lagrange native started ministering in high school.

Payton attended college at Trinity Bible College in Newburgh, Ind. and received his bachelors in theology.

He then became a pastor at the age of 22. Payton has a wife, Tammie and three grown children.

Payton has served several churches including, Danville and Ohio County.

In June, Payton took over pastoral duties from Daniel Wilson at Dry Ridge Baptist Church.

Paytons philosophy is to be an outreach ministry not just for the congregation but also for the community.
“We want to be the most exciting place in town,” Payton said.

“I’ve just been here for three months so I’m still getting my feet wet,” Payton said.
Payton said that the youth recently did a prayer walk in most of the local schools.
“We also do mission work with local places but I am hoping to do some more things,” Payton said.
Payton said that he hopes to start a Grow Ministry. “Hopefully we can get out there and invite some folks,” Payton said.
Payton had no desire to leave Louisville but God had other plans.
When asked why he chose Dry Ridge Baptist, Payton said “ The only answer to that is God. God brought me to Dry Ridge,”
Payton said that he had no desire to leave Louisville. “My family’s originally from Louisville,”

Payton said that things were going great in Louisville.
Payton’s philosophy on preaching is to “preach all the word of God,” said Payton.
Payton is in the middle of going verse by verse of the book of Revelation.

“I have members that have been here for 50 years that have never been verse by verse through the book of Revelation,” Payton said.
Payton said he will do verse by verse or a series.

“I’m doing a verse-by-verse of the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ on Wednesday nights,” Payton said
He said that most churches were in-reach in the sense that they only take care of themselves.

“We’ve got to be an outreach,” Payton said.
Payton said that the church needed the church needed to be the church not just attend the church,

“If we’re only in-reach, we’re eventually going to die,” Payton said.
 “We exist for our non-members,” Payton said.