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Show your gratitude by giving


Today is the day officially set aside as a time of gratitude. And those of us who live in Grant County have so much to be grateful for.
Most of us will sit down with family and friends for a meal that can only be described as a feast. We can also be thankful that we have friends and neighbors and churches who will be there for those who don’t have family and friends nearby or for those who don’t have their own resources to provide their own feasts.
Many churches, groups, organizations, schools and businesses have collected and are continuing to collect non-perishable items, as well as clothes and toys for less fortunate families this holiday season and for that we are extremely appreciative.
Through various civic organizations, many Grant County residents dedicate their time and resources to helping others. It says something about a community that is concerned for others and donates to food, toy and coat drives.
One of the best ways to show gratitude for what we each have is to spread our blessings to others and there are many opportunities to do that.
For a partial listing of some of those community groups, see the Holiday Help story on page 1 of this issue. Have a happy, blessed Thanksgiving and may you find a way to put your gratitude into action.