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Name calling is not acceptable

By The Staff

How many have heard if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all?

While this may be an antiquated notion by younger generations, it applies to those working for and with the public.

There is NEVER any reason for a public official or public employee to curse or name call.

At a recent fiscal court caucus meeting, heated discussion took place over operations at the Grant County Animal Shelter.

Citizens accused a county employee who had been temporarily assigned to work at the animal shelter of cursing and calling a volunteer a derogatory name during a phone call.

The employee publicly admitted during the caucus meeting to the fiscal court that she did curse and call the volunteer a derogatory name.

The judge-executive said the employee was not reprimanded. The employee said that she did not plan to apologize either because she was upset when the incident occurred.

The animal shelter has been mired in controversy during the last few months and tensions have run high on the sides of county employees and in volunteers who worked/work there.

Both sides bear blame in the situation sinking so low, but in the day and age when tolerance is touted daily, there can be no room for such childish behavior on either side.

The employee should be reprimanded and made to apologize to the volunteer she insulted.

The volunteers involved in the incident should also accept responsibility for their role in creating a difficult situation by not taking their concerns to the judge and fiscal court first before they opted to go public on sites such as Facebook and Topix.com.

Volunteers must realize they too must conduct themselves in a professional manner or they run the risk of being banned from places such as the animal shelter.

The judge-executive pointed out that the county has policies in place that prohibit employees speaking to each other or the public in such a way.

“This is not something we foster and I don’t think you’ll find another instance of that,” he said during the caucus meeting.

As citizens, we sincerely hope not.

Unfortunately, despite those policies being in place, the judge apparently did not take action. At the least, he should have stepped in and not let the situation fester.

It’s important that the staff and volunteers never lose sight of the reason they should be involved at the animal shelter. The purpose of the shelter, its staff and volunteers is to find as many homes as possible for the unwanted dogs and cats in this community and to promote responsible pet ownership by spaying and neutering.

Petty bickering and personal vendettas only get in the way of doing the right thing.

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