Opportunity of a lifetime

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By Ken Stone


The streets of Williamstown will once again be the site of a festival on Saturday, May 4, known throughout Kentucky as Derby Day.  

Stormey Vanover, owner of Country Heart in Williamstown, leads the pod of volunteers who put all the pieces in place for a successful event.  If you ever need a leader who can squeeze a festival out of spending pennies, then Stormey is the person you need to call.

But this column isn’t exactly about the festival.  It’s about love and marriage and how to make a commitment for only $25 to $100.

The critics to last year’s first ever Williamstown Derby Weddings were squashed under the weight of the wedding dresses, tuxedos and polished shoe parties of people who attended the official and happy events.

Therefore, here is your call to reserve a place in this year’s wedding line-up. Last year one couple seized the opportunity to renew their wedding vows. I believe it was their 50th anniversary.

Kentucky law applies and everyone must have a wedding license prior to the Derby Day festival.  You must pre-register by calling me at 859-824-3343, 859-803-5219 or contact me by email kstone@grantky.com. 

Here are your options.

Couples have a choice between being married or renewing their wedding vows in our downtown gazebo, a perfect site for a wedding, or inside Christ Community Church.  The church is at the festival site at 139 N. Main Street, Williamstown.

Pastor Rhonda Fields will be the wedding official. If you choose to be married in the church, you are required to have a counseling session with Pastor Fields.

You can invite all your friends and family for your great day.  Everyone walks away with the memory of having an actual wedding ceremony.

 For the $25 fee:  You choose from the gazebo or church site and Pastor Fields marries you.  You also receive one free color photo of your wedding. You are welcome to have others take as many photos as you want.

 For the $50 fee:  Same as above plus you receive wedding cake and sparkling beverage for two to four people.  You can be in the festival parade with us furnishing the signs and you furnishing your ride.

The $100 Top of the Line Wedding:  You get all the above but your wedding cake and sparkling beverage serves six to eight people and you will receive a goodie bag full of great stuff.

Stormey wants to have an actual wedding on a float that will stop in front of the grandstand where the ceremony will be completed.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you are interested in adding this experience to your wedding, call me now!

After the Derby Day and Marigold Day weddings I felt pretty good about myself as brides, grooms, mommas of the brides and other wedding party guests hugged me and thanked me for my part in this unique opportunity.

About two weeks prior to being stricken by my heart, a young couple approached me at an event.

“Do you remember us?” they asked.

“Sorry,” I said. “I’m old now and I don’t remember much of anything.”

 “We were married at the Derby Festival,” they replied.

 The hugging started all over again.

   (Ken Stone is publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached at 859-824-3343 or by email at kstone@grantky.com.)