One voice, one word

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A once euphoric young boy stands in solitude, feeling inferior to those who ridicule him persistently. He yearns for someone, somewhere, to be his friend and to understand the sorrow he’s undergoing.

He is the boy with the solemn look on his face that many people continue to taunt carelessly. His fears consume him. They are the parasite, and he is their prey.

He might just be the boy sitting in front of you in your math class; he may be the boy isolated at lunch. He is one of the many victims of bullying found everywhere today.

Like many people, most of us remain silent continuing our daily lives even though we are clearly aware of students being bullied.
Standing up to a burly individual can be daunting for the reason that, we are fearful of the bully’s response or our peer’s opinion of us. However, that should be the least of our concerns. Rarely when a student is being tormented is it based on the difference of gender, ethnicity or religion.

Consequently, it is typically provoked by the bully’s poor home life, lack of security and lack of confidence. Thus, to build themselves up, they often feel the urge to physically or verbally attack someone; this frequently occurs in cyber-bullying.

Although this is extremely unjust, it is our responsibility to take action and resolve bullying. Moreover, it cannot be done by one person; one voice would quickly vanish in this indifferent society.
For bullying to successfully disappear, we all must unite as the valiant individuals we are capable of being.

We must use our voices to create “The Indispensable Voice” that will preside over bullying, and we must create a safe haven for those individuals who had to undergo turmoil. We can step out of our comfort zones and establish programs to fight off bullies; hence, it begins with one, “stop!”

Though this may appear rather simple, it is crucial to the shaping of today’s society. By saying that one word, we can make a lasting impact that is much greater than any one of us. For living in ignorance is not our purpose, our purpose is much more.

We are to be the leaders of the world- those who preserve and those who establish courage and confidence in each and every individual today.

(Hannah Kinsey is a junior at Williamstown High School. This was the first place school-wide anti bullying essay contest.)