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Jon Popham
Family: mother, Debbie Popham, and father, Dennis Popham
Subject/grade teaching: Elementary Special Education
Educational background: BA- Geography- University of Kentucky and MAT-Special Education- University of the Cumberlands
Previous teaching experience: first year teaching
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: Promote a positive learning environment that is fun and engaging for the students. I hope that my students can take away life skills as well as academic knowledge from my classroom.

Ben Chapman
Family: dad, Mike, mom, Kristin, brother, Casey and sister, Lauren
Subject/grade teaching: freshman and sophomore AlgebraI and II
Educational background: Graduated in 2006 from Walton-Verona, received my B.S. in middle school education from NKU
Previous teaching experience: Henry County Middle School, two years
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: I believe that it is my job as an educator to give students all the tools to not only be successful in my classroom, but in life as well. I strongly believe that students grow and learn when I take steps back and allow them to figure out content through their own discoveries.

Cathy Hoehn
Family: Married to Donny Hoehn, 11-year-old daughter Audrey and 10-year-old Cedric
Subject/grade teaching: Family and consumer science
Educational background: Bachelors in business management and entrepreneurship from NKU. Currently attending University of Cumberlands for masters in teaching. WHS graduate in 1997.
Previous teaching experience: Substitute teacher at Gallatin County Middle School
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: As a teacher, I hope to foster an environment where students are engaged and encouraged to learn and be their best.

Caryn Scheiding
Family: Husband, Jason, expecting first child in October
Subject/grade teaching: Jr./Sr. high counselor
Educational background: B.A. in sociology from Morehead State, M.A. in school counseling- NKU
Previous teaching experience:
Williamstown substitute teacher since 2011, practicum- Lloyd High School in Erlanger and internship- Sharp Middle School in Butler
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: My approach to school counseling is to deliver a comprehensive program to every student. College and career readiness is something that we want every student to attain. I love the small school atmosphere, as I think it is very conducive to know each student on a one-to-one basis.

Andrew Laughlin
Family: Michael Laughlin (father), Kim Laughlin (mother)
Subject/grade teaching: Integrated social studies, AP and general U.S. history and psychology/sociology classes
Educational background: Graduated from Scott High School and then attended the University of Kentucky for undergrad and grad school.
Previous teaching experience: Brand new teacher
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: The most important thing when it comes to teaching is to make sure your students know that you are there for them. You aren’t just giving them busy work, you are there to help them grow as students and as citizens.

Andrew Sarcione
Family: mother: Becky Brown, father: David Sarcione, step-mother: Julie Sarcione, mamas: Marsha Bowen and siblings: Carter and Katie Sarcione and Jordana Woll
Subject/grade teaching: Fourth grade writing/social studies
Educational background: Graduated from Williamstown in 2009, graduated from Morehead State University in 2013
Previous teaching experience: Student taught at Rodburn Elementary in Rowan County
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: Students will be engaged in the learning process and never viewed as an observer of knowledge. Hands-on teaching allows the whole student to be involved in the education process.

Michael Pearcy
Family: Wife, Brandy Pearcy
Subject/grade teaching: Sixth and seventh grade social studies and sixth grade math
Educational background: High School- Lloyd Memorial and college- NKU
Previous teaching experience: Student taught at Sharp Middle School, first year teaching
Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching: I believe students learn best in a classroom where they can take independence and ownership.

Stella Pollard
Family: Husband- Chris and daughter- Audrey
Subject/grade teaching: Middle school math and science
Educational background: Hazard Community and Technical College- Associate of Arts (2009), Morehead State University- Bachelor of Arts (2013), currently enrolled in the University of Cumberlands, working on Master of Arts
Previous teaching experience: Substitute teacher at Perry County for 2013-14 school year