More blood donors are desperately needed

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I called the Central Kentucky Blood Center in Lexington to check on how much blood I have donated over the years. Their computers show a total of 86 units of blood.
 I called Hoxworth Blood Center in Cincinnati and checked and I had donated eight units to them over the years.

Those of you who use hospitals in Lexington should donate to the Central Kentucky Blood Center as often as possible.
Those of you who use St. Elizabeth in Grant County or any northern Kentucky hospital or Cincinnati hospitals should donate donate to Hoxworth Blood Center as often as possible.

I know the importance of giving blood first hand. I was diagnosed in October of 2011 with a blood cancer, stage three multiple myeloma, after surgery at the University Hospital in Cincinnati. I had 20 weeks of chemotherapy and during those treatments, I saw lots of blood and blood products used. Thatt’s how I know there is a great need for blood donations.

After my 20 weeks of chemotherapy at the University Hospital in Cincinnati, I went to a Jewish Hospital for a bone marrow transplant.
In April I did the work up for the bone marrow transplant and I got my bone marrow transplant on May 4.

In my two and half week stay, I only needed platelets once, but some patients needed whole blood plasma and platelets and lots of it. I was a lucky patient.

On Aug. 1, I started my chemotherapy at Jewish Hospital and just like the treatment center at University Hospital, I see lots of blood products used. I’m sure the same could be said for the Lexington hosptails.

Because of my own personal experience, I see a need and hope others will help.

To call Central Kentucky Blood Center for an appointment or a location with their van, call 1-859-276-2534.
To call Hoxworth Cincinnati, call 513-451-0910. I can no longer donate blood but the need is still there.

Gary Conrad
Dry Ridge