Montecalvo finds his calling with youth

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By Matt Birkholtz

Micah Montecalvo knows that God is a part of everyone’s life and that God helped change his life at a young age.

Montecalvo grew up in Springdale, Ohio a Cincinnati suburb and during his youth, Montecalvo said he hung around the wrong group of friends.

“I wasn’t a terrible kid, I wasn’t into drugs or alcohol,” he said. “I also stayed out of fights for the most part. I didn’t have the right set of friends and didn’t settle into the right crowd. I had one of the worst tempers ever and would get frustrated and started screaming and cursing. I would get really upset and get into this red zone. I might shout out at my parents or my sisters. I wasn’t a good family member at the time.”

He credits his parents, Christina and Lawrence Montecalvo for helping him and changing his environment.

“That was when they got me into a different church and had more involvement with children my age and had youth ministers,” Montecalvo said. “I didn’t really see what I was doing as wrong, even cursing as a sailor, but they recognized it and I thank them for it and it has made me who I am today.”

While at Princeton High School, he met Troy Clark, his youth minister and began hanging with him and learning more about Jesus and the Bible.

“We bonded and I spent a lot of time with him and went to the youth center and played video games with him and learned with him,” Montecalvo said.

He said that it got to the point where Clark felt that he could also be a youth minister that garnered his interest.

“I kept thinking he has one of the best jobs in the world,” Montecalvo said. “He gets to hang with children all day and take them to fun events. He was the one to push me in this direction.”
Montecalvo said as he continued high school, he felt the calling to be a youth minister.

“It started when people in the youth group, said that I was the one person they could come to or call and just talk with them,” he said.
Montecalvo graduated from PHS in 2005 and went to Cincinnati Christian University, where in December, 2009 he graduated with a degree in biblical studies and a minor in general ministry. Montecalvo went to a Warystown Church in Hillsboro, Ohio. He had that job for two years leading up to his graduation.

While looking on the website Youth Specialties, Montecalvo came across Williamstown and an opening at Williamstown Christian Church.

He became the youth minister at Williamstown Christian Church on April 11. Since becoming the youth minister at WCC, Montecalvo has started a youth breakfast devotional at McDonalds in Dry Ridge.

During this devotional, the children get breakfast and learn the teachings of the disciples and the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The children have been great,” he said. “Pastor Gary Swick said that they were hungry for a youth minister and that they were maybe getting tired of him being around. They have just been tremendous and I thank the Lord for them showing up to the event and have gone out and invited their friends.”

He said the first weekend he was at WCC, he and the youth went to Faith Day at Great American Ballpark to see the Reds against the Pirates.

“I wasn’t here a week and we had 20 tickets ordered for the game,” he said. “It was nice to see them take me in and welcome me like that.”

He said that the day was cold and rainy at the ballpark and they used paper towels to cover their faces and he even bought a Snuggie at the gift shop and in turn gave to one of the girls to keep her warm and dry.

On top of seeing the game, the group even saw a 10-4 win by the Reds and after the game saw Christian musician Jeremy Camp perform on the field.

Montecalvo likes the Grant County area, especially Williamstown.

“It’s not too much different than Springdale,” he said. “I love Williamstown, because you have the small town feel and the small town hospitality. They are nice people and the location is nice, because you are close to everything you need.”