Moms make tough choices

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By Camille McClanahan

Like most kids, my daughter has her battle with the run of the mill sicknesses that every child gets. It was a Friday night like any other, my daughter was running around and I was trying to get her settled down for bed but it was Friday so I normally let her stay up a little later. I got her settled into bed, spent a little time to myself then it was off to bed for me it had been a long week and I needed a good nights sleep.

Fate had other plans for me that night though, about 2:30 a.m. I woke up to my daughter screaming, saying her head was hot, mind you that she was fine when I put her to bed just a few hours before.

A mother knows their child’s cry and something was wrong. I took her temperature, it was 103. Great, it was going to be a long rest of the night for me.

Cadence has this nasty tendency to do that to me, She’ll spike a fever in an hour. I gave her some Tylenol and prayed that broke her fever and told her to try to get some sleep. I dozed until about 7:30 a.m. worrying and trying my best not to oversleep. I took her to the doctor where he said she had an infection and allergies, gave her an antibiotic and some allergy medicine and sent us on our way. I thought no big deal get her home, get her to rest, start her on the medicine and she’ll be back to her happy little self.

Think again. Her fever spiked to 104. Great, not going to be a good night either. So I tried to wait it out still worrying but not to much. I’ve handled countless bruises, bumps, ear infections, fevers, colds, road rash and a black eye in her six years. I can pretty much handle anything when it comes to Cadence and nobody knows her like I do.

So I didn’t think to much of it.

However, when she woke up at 3 a.m. Sunday morning throwing up and crying and couldn’t hold anything down and her fever spiked to 104.5 I started to worry more. When she couldn’t hold down Sprite and crackers, I knew I had to do something. So at 4 in the morning off to the hospital we went. I kept my cool but inside I was panicked.

As a mother all these thoughts run through your head.
I started to think back and she hadn’t run this high a fever since she was 6-months-old and was having seizures, that made my foot step a little harder on the gas on the to the hospital. All the while I hated to see her suffer, knowing there wasn’t anything I could do to take away the pain. The doctor came in and like most doctors, I thought he was arrogant and young.

So I told him what was going on like I had done about five time before to the nurses, not having much faith that he would be able to figure out what was going on and why she was running such a high fever.

Kinda funny how that works, tell 10 different people what is going on, hoping you don’t leave anything out in the wee hours of the morning is a recipe for disaster. He told me that their was nothing he could give me for her fever and that he doesn’t get concerned with fevers unless they reach 105.7. At that point, livid does not begin to describe what I was feeling. He told me not in so many words that I didn’t need to take her to the doctor every time she ran a fever and that I was overreacting. Which may be true, but I also know my daughter. I don’t take her to the doctor every time she has a runny nose or a little cough, I take her when I think she’s not going to get any better.

Granted I know that he was only doing his job, I was tired and it was five in the morning but he made me feel about two inches tall. So at about 6 a.m. Sunday morning, Cadence passed out, it had truly been a long weekend and one that I don’t intend on repeating anytime soon.  So off to bed I went, my bed was whispering my name and it never felt so good to just sleep.

As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if I had just panicked or did I really do the right thing. That doctor made me second guess myself as a mother. Being responsible for another human being is something nobody is really ever prepared for, no matter how much you think you are.

I’m not a doctor or a nurse but I am a good mother and I know my daughter better than I know myself. Maybe it’s because she is a clone of myself or maybe it’s because we share a bond that only a mother and daughter can share.

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