Mock Election Results

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By The Staff

Mason-Corinth Elementary School

U.S. President

McCain/Palin- 203

Obama/Biden- 182

McKinney/Clemente- 6

Barr/Root- 1

Sherman Elementary

U.S. President

McCain/Palin- 30

Obama/Biden- 29

U.S. Senate

Mitch McConnell- 37

Bruce Lunsford- 19

U.S. Representative

Geoff Davis- 41

Michael Kelley- 13

Of the issues listed below, which issue do you feel is the most important one our country is facing today:

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan- 16

Economy- 14

Heath care- 14

Other- 7

Energy crisis- 3

Williamstown Elementary

U.S. President

McCain/Palin- 215

Obama/Biden- 163

Nader/Gonzalez- 4

Barr/Root- 2


McConnell- 230

Lunsford- 149

U.S. Representative

Davis- 217

Kelley- 120

Of the issues listed below, which is the most important:

Economy- 120

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan- 82,

Energy crisis- 78

Health care- 73

Williamstown Jr. Sr. High


John McCain- 53.9 percent

Barrack Obama- 41.84 percent

Ralph Nader- 2.84 percent

U.S. Senator:

Mitch McConnell- 60.15 percent

Bruce Lunsford- 39.85 percent

4th District House Representative

Geoff Davis- 73.48 percent

Michael Kelley- 25.76 percent

Grant County Middle School

Students ranking of Key Issues

#1 The Economy

#2 The Energy Crisis

#3 The Wars in Iraq/Afghanistan

President of the United States

John McCain/Sarah Palin- 54 percent

Barack Obama/Joe Biden- 46 percent

U.S. Senate

Mitch McConnel- 58 percent

Bruce Lunsford- 42 percent

U.S. Representative 4th District

Geoff Davis- 56 percent

Michael Kelly- 43 percent

State Senate

Damon Thayer- 46 percent

Robert Powell- 54 percent

State Representative

Royce Adams- 63 percent

Steve Wood- 37 percent

Grant County Attorney

Jack Gatlin- 55 percent

Joe Taylor- 45 percent