Miller on ‘God-called adventure’ at Crittenden Baptist

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By Camille McClanahan

Doug Miller, a Louisville native, moved all over the south and throughout Kentucky as a child.

“My father was in the ministry as well, so we did a lot of moving about,” Miller said.
He met his wife, Connie, at Georgetown College. They’ve been married 34 years.
The couple spent two years in Georgetown, resided in North Carolina, Louisville and Breckinridge County, Kentucky for nine years and now in Crittenden.
“It’s been an interesting journey getting from one place to another but it is good to be here,” Miller said.

The seasoned reverend has been ministering at Crittenden Baptist for about 4fourmonths but before he came to Crittenden he ministered in several areas for roughly 20 years altogether, both full-time and part-time.

“ I left Georgetown in my junior year to get married, I went to Haywood Community College and received a business degree there and then I felt a second calling,” Miller said.
He then attended Boyce Bible School in Louisville.
Miller didn’t always plan on becoming a minister.

“This is something I tried to run away from. I had no intentions whatsoever of going in the ministry,” Miller said.
He said that he knew that it was time to stop running and to accept that God had called him to the ministry.

He said that Crittenden Baptist had been looking for a pastor for some time.
“I had been struggling in my previous church, feeling like I needed to go somewhere else,” Miller said.

He resigned from that church last fall and received a call from Crittenden Baptist shortly after resigning.

“The more we talked we both had a strong understanding that this is where God wanted me to be. Crittenden needed me and I needed them,” Miller said.
Miller approaches his teaching in a laid back manner.
He said that he believes the Bible is God’s word and teaches it like that.

“I explain God’s word in the way I understand it to be and what I understand it to mean,” Miller said.  
Miller said he tries to teach the Bible in a way that makes sense but that still holds true to what the Gospel says.

“I see Crittenden Baptist as a sending church. People will come here and learn about God in a intimate way and then I hope that we are able to grow them in a way that they are sent out, either as missionaries or even if they are going to a different job, they can take what they have learned here and become a missionary in their workplace.” Miller said.

The 150-member church is located on Main Street in Crittenden and is continuing to grow. The church has had a couple additions to compensate for their growing congregation.
“I see a lot of growth with huge potential,” Miller said.
Miller said when people accept Christ, things change in their lives.

“If I can help someone in a younger generation to understand that they can trust God. God has something for them all if they will allow him to share it,” he said.
Miller said he didn’t want to force Jesus or himself on anyone.

“My calling is to share Christ with anyone who will listen,” Miller said.
The church does several community events such as children’s programs and AWANA.
“AWANA is a scriptural memorization program for children. It does a tremendous job on showing children what the Bible says but also what it means.” Miller said.
Other events include a food pantry, Easter Fish Fry, softball league and a Santa’s workshop at Christmas time.

“We are always looking for something new,” Miller said.
“Just in the short time we have been here, I just love this community. I love the people but I see lots of problems. I don’t know what is in our future but I can tell you that this church is concerned and that we are looking at a lot different things to help with various problems throughout the community.” Miller said.
Miller said that the church could seek out those immediate issues that we can help with.
Miller said that they hope to be a lighthouse in a dark community.

“The whole community isn’t dark but on a spiritual level there is a darkness and we just hope to be a light.” Miller said.
Miller said if we don’t have anything else, we can give hope.
“We care and care tremendously and want to share the best thing we have and that’s Jesus.” Miller said.
Rev. Doug and Connie Miller have one son, Christopher, who attends Grant County Middle School.
“Life is good and we love being here, love the people and love this church. They have surprised us in many ways and we are just glad to be here. No question that this was a God-called adventure.” Miller said.