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By Camille McClanahan

Earl Hampton, minister of the Vineyard Church of Grant County, came to Mason-Corinth on Dec. 17, to speak with the students in Heather Curd’s third grade class about the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14.

On that day a gunman entered the school and shot six adults and 20 students before turning the gun on himself.
Sara Edwards, Family Resource Coordinator at Mason-Corinth Elementary, requested that Hampton visit Mason-Corinth Elementary.

“Many students came in to school talking about what happened,” said Lisa Hollandsworth, principal of Mason-Corinth Elementary.

“He explained that they were kids just like they were,” said Curd.
He also explained to the students that some times bad thing happen.
A student and Hampton thought of a way to make the students at Sandy Hook feel a little better.

Each student wrote to the students and staff of Sandy Hook.
“I felt really bad for them,” said Katelyn, a student in Curd’s class
“I wanted to stress that everyone feels differently,” said Curd.
“I wanted to let them know that they weren’t forgotten,” said Briana, another student in Curd’s class.
“They are a great group of kids and they are really sweet,” said Curd.
The school has several policies and procedures in place per state regulations.
“The school reviewed it’s policies on an as needed basis,” said Lisa Hollandsworth.

Procedures include a fire drill practiced twice in the first two weeks of school and once a month thereafter, tornado drills are practiced four times a year, earthquake drills are practiced twice a year and lockdown drills are practiced once a semester.
“We have future plans to increase the lockdown drills to two to three times a semester,” said Hollandsworth.
Also beginning Jan. 3, the Mason-Corinth preschool pick-up policy will change.

I’m sorry to some of your best friends lost. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you guys down in Coneticut. And guys you all are like family to all of us at Mason Corinth Elementary.

We hope you feel better! A lot of people are thinking about you. I am very sorry about what happened to you.

I am sorry for your lost teachers, your friends. Just to let you know we are thinking about you. I hope this card makes you feel better. Theres crazy people in the world. Some people don’t know what they are doing but they shouldn’t do it.

Dear Child,
I am really upset about what happened about your friend and teachers. I hope you like my colors. I really hope they won’t upset you more but I care about you and your safety.

Dear Sandy Hook School,
I hope you know that everyone cares about you and that you are all happy and sad that’s some of you are safe. We are sad because some of you got injured. We hope that it never happens again.

I am sorry for your loss! I hope you will feel better! I am just letting you know that I am thinking about you.

Dear Sandy Hook School,
I’m thinking about you and your friends loss and some teachers loss. I’m sad for you.