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Coach chat with Marcus Camacho


Outlook on the season: We are playing in 14 tournaments in order to get prepared for the regional tournament on Sept. 24.

Who are your top returning players? What makes them top players? We have all our players returning from last year with one exception. We lost our number five player when she moved to Louisville. Our top returning player is Sarah Kellam, a two-time defending regional champion and three-time state tournament qualifier. She is, in my opinion, the top player in Northern Kentucky and one of the top players in the state.  

What are your team goals for the season? If our players improve on their short game chipping and putting, we could do very well in post-season. We do expect to at least have another state qualifier which would be our 19th  trip to state in 23 years.

Who is the team to beat this season?  The teams to beat are Notre Dame and Owen County, both state qualifiers last year. Our goal is to qualify for the state tournament by placing in the top two in the regional tournament.
We have only one senior, Sarah Kellam, so we have a relatively young team. To round out our top five are sophomores, Macy Wright, Brittany Hudson, Morgan Crupper, and freshman Sarah Boden.  If one of these players is unavailable, we have junior Baylee Bruce and 6th grader Katie Michels.
What I try to instill in my players is that the most important shot in golf is the next one.


Coach chat with Lance Robinson

What do you expect from your players?  I expect our players to work hard and get better so when it comes to the regional we are playing our best golf

Outlook on the season:  Young, but I have 3 players with varsity experience, Cody Kellam, Trey Adams, and Jacob Vrolijk.

Who are your top returning players? What makes them top players? The three I mentioned above. Experience

Who are the newcomers on the team that have the chance to make a difference? Luke Adkins, Jayden Cummins and Bo Hammonds are young and they are getting better each day

What are some of your teams strengths? Our tradition. We have to play each match because teams get up to play us in golf

What areas do you want to improve upon? We will need to get stronger mentally and find ways not to throw away strokes.
What are your team goals for the season? Our goal is simple. To go to state.

Do you have a team motto or code that you follow and instill in your players? I love Kentucky’s Motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”
Who is the team to beat this season? Mason County and Newport Catholic