Mayor says water is safe to drink

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

Residents of Williamstown will be receiving a letter from the city concerning a water standard violation, but Mayor Rick Skinner urges people not to panic.

“I researched this and what it amounts to is 67 parts per a billion gallons of water, which means you’d have to drink two liters of water daily for 70 years to have a one in a million chance of having an issue,” Skinner said.

Williamstown monitors and tests the water for contaminants every 90 days or four times a year.

Testing results from June indicate the water system exceeded the standard, or minimum contaminate level (MCL).

The standard for Haloacetic Acids is 0.060 mg/l. The city’s reading was 0.068 mg/l, slightly over the limit.

The city isn’t recommending any changes, such as only drinking bottled water.

“This is not a big issue,” said Skinner. “I drink the water every day and am not worried. The city feels the water is absolutely safe to drink.”

Skinner said once the water is sampled, it takes awhile to receive the results.

The water system will be tested again later this month.

“We don’t want our citizens to worry about this,” Skinner said. “The law simply makes us send out the notices if there’s a violation and that’s what we are doing.”