Man wanted locally, charged in Fla. murder

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By Bryan Marshall

A Kentucky man who is wanted for sending life-threatening messages to a Grant County woman is in a Florida jail for allegedly killing a man with a hatchet.
Arthur DeCarvalho, 26, of Crescent Springs was arrested by the Pinellas County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office on June 7.
He is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 50-year-old David Elsey.
When the crime occurred, DeCarvalho was wanted in Grant County after allegedly violating a domestic violence injunction when sending the mother of his child violent text messages.
DeCarvalho pled guilty in September 2013 to harassing communications, terroristic threatening, stalking and violation of an emergency protection order.
As part of his plea agreement, he was ordered not to have contact with the victim or have any new criminal offenses or he would have to serve his conditionally discharged sentence.
However, a motion to revoke DeCarvalho’s discharged jail time was filed in Grant District Court on April 29 after text messages he sent to the victim came to light.
“I look forward to killing you and watching your blood ooze out of your body,” the suspect allegedly texted to the victim. “Watching the life leave your eyes as I stare at you and finally get to feel the satisfaction of getting revenge on you. Hug (their daughter) goodbye because once I see you… You will never see her again. You will never breathe again.”
In the texts, the suspect also allegedly threatens to track down the victim and her mother, tie them up and rape them.
“I can bury you in a remote place in the desert,” the text states.
DeCarvalho missed a court appearance in Grant County May 12 to answer for the alleged text messages.
In Florida, he was staying with Elsey, who DeCarvalho told police he met online.
DeCarvalho was stopped twice by officers June 7, once after being seen stumbling on Clearwater Beach and again after being discovered sleeping inside a truck registered to the victim.
When he was taken into custody after the second stop, the officer discovered a driver’s license and about eight credit cards belonging to Elsey.
According to the Tampa Bay Times, the suspect told law enforcement he was not homosexual and was strictly using the murder victim for a place to stay.
Shortly afterward, the newspaper reports DeCarvalho admitted to deputies that he struck Elsey in the back of the head with a hatchet about 10 times.
The victim was found dead on his bed with his ankles and arms bound with a cord and a hatchet, measuring 18 to 24 inches long, near his body, according to the Tampa Bay Times.