Lottery winner cashes in, despite overwhelming odds

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By Bryan Marshall

It was more than a five million to one shot, but the odds did not matter to Ron Wainscott.

The Frankfort man still played the same Powerball numbers — 8, 12, 14, 22 and 29 — he had since the lottery was introduced 20 years ago in Kentucky.

Ron, who owns a farm in Corinth, chose the numbers using his birthday, along with the birthdays of his wife and three children when he bought his ticket at Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop.

For the Powerball number, he chose 24, the date he married his wife, Linda.

When the numbers were drawn Nov. 11, Ron did not even check to see if he had won.

After all, the odds were long.

But, he soon discovered the thousands of tickets he purchased through the years had finally paid off.

“A friend of mine had called me and asked if I was the one who had that winning ticket,” Ron said.

“I didn’t know what he was talking about. He told me someone at Corinth won $200,000. I told him that I hope it’s somebody I know. When we hung up, for some reason, I had a feeling I might have that ticket.”

Already headed toward Corinth when he received the call, Ron stopped at Nobles.

A sign was posted on the door that urged people to check their tickets because someone had won that bought a Powerball ticket at the business.

Inside, Ron got a slip with the winning numbers on it and looked to see if he had indeed won.

“I stood there and looked at my ticket for a minute,” he said. “I took my other ticket out of my pocket and compared the two. I thought, ‘I finally hit it.’ I played those same numbers ever since the lottery started.”

After taxes, Ron won $138,000, an amount that he said will help pay for the remodeling of his bathroom, which is costing more than originally estimated.

The retired state worker also has invested some of the winnings in gold and plans to give $2,500 to the Corinth Christian Church to help purchase toys for needy families.

Ron’s lottery earnings could have been significantly larger if he and his wife would have been married two days later.

If Ron would have matched the Powerball number of 24, he would have split $96 million with a lucky winner in Kansas.

However, Ron is happy with what he did win.

“I’ve always thought that kind of figure is a good amount to win because you can handle that amount,” he said. “Of course, everybody wants to hit millions, but when you get into the millions, it be hard for the average person to handle all that money.”

During a recent stop at Nobles, Ron joked with workers and one customer asked to pose with him for a picture in hopes his good luck would rub off.

“We’ve had fun with it,” he said. “We went to eat with people that my wife worked with, most of them are retired now. As soon as we got there, they said we were buying breakfast this morning.”

Ron, who also won $800 off a scratch-off ticket in September at Nobles, is not given up using the same lottery numbers that finally brought him good fortune.

“Those numbers don’t have any memory,” he said. “They don’t know they’ve been drawn so those same numbers could come up again.”