Life doesn’t always go as planned

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The summer before your senior year is supposed to be one of the most memorable times of your life.
You spend as much time as possible with all of the people you’ve grown to know and love, knowing that in one short year you will all go your separate ways.
It’s a time where you do anything and everything that you can simply to be doing something.
This is the time of your life that you make memories that will last for the rest of your life.

This is the image that most people have in their minds for the summer before they graduate, however I learned first hand that things don’t always go as planned.

At age 17, we all think we’re invincible. Sure bad things happen to other people and I know that it’s possible, but never in a million years would I have imagined that it would be me until May 16 of this year when I was the victim of misfortune.

I was at the lake with my friends over by the spillway when I slipped on some algae. I fell from the top to the bottom breaking several bones and cutting a wound into me that was 12cm deep and 9cm wide.

I spent two weeks in the hospital and the next two and a half months of my summer connected to a wound vac and a pick line.
While that makes it seem like my summer was horrible that is not true.

Even with all of my medical problems I was able to go five and half hours away for five weeks to Murray State University for the Governors Scholar Program. This truly was the experience of a life time and I’m so blessed that I was able to go.

I was able to meet hundreds of other students who came from all over the state of Kentucky.

For five weeks, we took classes together and got to know each other. This experience cannot be explained easily. Living with 300 other students for five weeks creates such a close community, one that you would never expect.
I was given so many opportunities during my stay in Murray.
I studied psychology while I was there which led to many interesting moments.
I was able to go to a medium security prison and interview some of their inmates.
I spoke to an Olympic medalist and dream tender.
I went to Vanderbilt University and got to watch scans on the brains of the people I knew.
All of these experiences were ones that I would have never had, and probably will never again.
After those five weeks were over, I made the long trip back home to the doctor to find out if I was capable of playing volleyball for my senior year.
When I arrived I was terrified. I hadn’t been given much good news throughout the summer and I was worried that was going to continue.
However, that day my doctor told me that I was once again permitted to play the sport that I love for my final year of high school.
That very next day I began practices and now I am continuing on through the season.
I didn’t have the normal summer for a kid my age, or really for anyone of any age. But everything that I went through taught me important lessons.
I’m excited for this final year with the people I’ve grown up with.
There are so many aspects that go into being a senior that are very exciting for all of us.

We just ordered our caps and gowns and participated in the senior picnic. These are fun times for us to be with each other, and also a way for us to slowly realize that this time is coming to an end.
It seems so unrealistic that in eight months we will have our last classes with each other. But eight months is a long time.

So, for right now, we sit around and discuss what school we plan to go to and where our next college visit will be.
We ponder over the majors that we may enjoy and consider the choices that we will be facing here shortly.

But most of all, we enjoy our time with each other and make the most of every day. Like I said, things don’t always go as planned, but I can’t think of a better group of people to figure out my future with than the Williamstown High School senior class of 2013.
(Morgan Potter is a senior at Williamstown High School. She will be chronicling the experience of her last year of high school throughout the year, along with a Grant County High School student.)