Library Express chugs into Crittenden, Corinth

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

If you live in Crittenden or Corinth and would like to check out a book from  the Grant County Public Library, but don’t want to make the drive to Williamstown, books will be coming to you.

Susan Nimersheim, library directory, received a $20,000 grant through the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives for an outreach development.

Nimersheim used the money to buy units that resemble the mailbox unit for an apartment building and have them installed at Grant County Deposit Bank in Corinth and Crittenden.

“I wanted this for our patrons in those areas because Grant County has Williamstown and Dry Ridge in the center of the county with Corinth and Crittenden on the absolute opposite ends,” Nimersheim said.

“It was hard for some people living in those areas to get to Williamstown to the library, especially if they work in Lexington or Cincinnati,” she said.

The locations or depots as they are being called needed to be close to Interstate-75 and in a well-lighted and secure area. Nimersheim said when Grant County Deposit Bank found out she needed somewhere to house the depots, they volunteered space in front of their buildings.

“It would have cost a lot to build a structure to house them and there wasn’t that much money, so this was the perfect solution,” Nimersheim said.

Anyone who already has a library card can call the library or e-mail them and request books and tell what location they want them delivered to.

The library staff will then call them back and let them know when they’ll be delivered. The library patron will then be given a code to access the books. The depot is programmed to know which doors to open so the books can be retrieved.

Each depot will also be home to a drop box so that patrons can return items they borrowed through the Library Express.

“I want to stress that the drop box is only for those borrowed through this program,” Nimersheim said. “It is not intended to be a drop box for items borrowed directly from the library.”

The plan calls for books to be delivered to each location twice a week, more if the demand increases.

The program is expected to begin by May 1 and Nimersheim said library staff will be setting up at each location so that people can come there and sign up for a library card if they don’t already have one.

“We’re looking for innovative ways to serve the public because we want people to get a bang for their buck,” she said.

Nimersheim stressed that the project came together as a community effort with several local businesses helping.  Lilly’s Auto Care refurbished one of the drop boxes that was donated by the Allen County Public Library. Judge-Executive Darrell Link loaned Nimersheim a county vehicle to pick up the boxes and Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills, who also serves as a director of Grant County Deposit Bank, installed the depots.

“One of the great things about this project is the partnership that has gone on to make it happen,” she said.