Letters to the editor- 5-1-14

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Reader takes offense
to letter to editor

I know I am only one person, but I took grave offense with the published letter to the editor written by Chuck Estridge; America’s Government is broken, needs repairs.
You state in your Public Endorsement Policy you will not print libelous letters. Yet Chuck calls “our president and attorney general lawless racists who denounce the Constitution and the rule of law.”
He also said President Obama “uses his 32 socialists czars to do his bidding” and “who will oppose this communist style takeover”.
And finally Chuck says he quotes Thomas Jefferson saying  “The tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” He goes on to say he “Sincerely prays that it doesn’t come to that”.
Any reasonable person would agree with recent court cases where charging someone with being a communist is libelous, and calling an attorney a crook is also libelous.
At the least his article is probably racists as he would have never called any previous U.S. President a lawless racist. Any reasonable person would realize the 32 czars Chuck refers to are cabinet members all presidents appoint and use; they are constitutionally provided for.
Sadly, it isn’t the first time I have read such inflammatory wording in Grant County News articles; it seems the paper can do much better! Even if the choice is made to print most of the individual’s viewpoint it seems entirely under the domain of the paper to edit out inflammatory and possibly libelous statements which don’t serve to better our community and our country.
And finally, what is Chuck implying with his comment he “sincerely prays it doesn’t come to the blood of patriots and tyrants”?
Is this what we want readers to ingest on a frequent basis and what we want our newspaper to become?
Bill Workman
Dry Ridge

Slone is the right
candidate for jailer

I am asking you to step out of your comfort zone this year when going behind the voting curtain. You’re behind a curtain and nobody knows who you vote for...
Democrat or Republican lets vote for the best candidate not a political party. 
That being said, lets get out of the Good Ol’ boy mentality. Know your candidate. So often people vote for someone because they know the candidate’s family, work with the candidate’s mom, a child is in girl scouts with the candidate’s daughter (you get the picture).
My mom always says the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Let’s get rid of good intentions and look at history.
Lets vote for the candidate that is most qualifies to do the job. Ask yourself, ‘Is the candidate reliable, honest,  a leader?  Is the candidate willing to work along side his/her employees and not just sit at a desk pushing out orders?  Does the candidate have good communication skills?
Does your candidate not only have good ideas but a plan on how he/she is going to put the plan into effect? If not, you need to rethink what your voting for when behind that curtain...
My candidate for Grant County Jailer has all the above qualities and I encourage you to not only look into Tim Slone’s history but go to his website and ask him the important questions. And, ask for his implementation plan. (He has one.)
If you want the best candidate for the job, someone who has the ability to do the job, has experience working at a correctional facility, has strong work ethic and has a implementation plan to turn the jail around.  
Vote Tim Slone for jailer. He’s not just a name.
Wanda D. Bedard
Dry Ridge

Support Wanda
Hammons for magistrate

I want to share a recent experience my wife and I had with Wanda Hammons Magistrate for 2nd district Grant County Fiscal Court.
My wife would say how our trash bill was so high. We knew this was a mandated program for Grant County and just accepted it.
One day my wife was talking to our daughter about the cost of living. The trash bill came up. My wife found out in this conversation that it was possible we had been overpaying. I called Wanda. She immediately got in contact with Bryan Miles; Grant County’s Solid Waste director. Thanks to Wanda and Bryan a short time later we received a refund for over $600.
I have known Wanda for many years and serve with her as a member of the Grant County American Red Cross.
Wanda has been good about taking time to understand concerns and does return phone call and e-mails. If you just moved into the 2nd District or like us have lived here for years you will get the same dedicated support and service from Wanda.
Give Wanda your support in November and I know she will give you her support.
Greg and Nancy Nix