Let me know, we’ll all ‘shake a leg’

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By Ken Stone

Thanks to the 87 people who paid for and attended the Spears Foundation Feed the People Benefit for the Free Lunch Kitchen on Oct. 14. It was an awesome event and if you missed it, you missed something special.

Tickets sold out two weeks before the event. We even added a surprise or two, but that’s what we always do when we have a Hogan House dinner or one of our other dinner events.  

Taylor Henry put on a wonderful show mixing his own songs with a couple of favorites of his grandmother who was in the audience.

The prime rib steak was as big as your head. If you are a little headed person then the steak was bigger than your head. Mike Hare and his staff at The Country Grill laid out a great banquet for everyone.

Guests were treated to a great experience while also putting needed funds into helping keep the Free Lunch Kitchen open and feeding our community’s hungry.

I was asked if I would be interested in sponsoring a 16-piece swing band that also had a singer. Normally the band receives about $1,800, but offered to do a charity show for $800. The date for the show was quickly approaching.

I thought about this and declined.  

In Grant County we have a lot of things going on. If you don’t know this, then you are not paying attention. To make an event profitable it takes a lot of work.  Just thinking people will show up can fail much easier than succeed.

The band is a fantastic band. A live swing band is an awesome thing to behold regardless of what kind of music you prefer. But, when the Cincinnati Orchestra swing band played Grant County Park, for free, the attendance was approximately 30-40 people.

I have asked that the band consider making us the same offer in February. David Wilson, of D C Ballroom, said he could have some ballroom dance clients on hand to show us how to do the moves. (As if I need someone to show me moves!) (Lol).

What do you think Grant County? Let me know and we’ll all shake a leg in February.

My good friend, Ron Bertch, of the Catholic Children’s Home in Ft. Wright, and I, have a long history of working together to place children in adoptive and foster homes.  Together, and considering his time doing the same job for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Ron and I have probably placed more children in more homes than any other media partnership. We have some successful examples right here in Grant County.

Ron will be co-hosting the Tri-State Adoption and Foster Care Fair from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 7 at the Newport Syndicate, 18th E. 5th Street, Newport. For more information call 859-468-1449 or www.fostercarecooperative.com.

Ron is a great information provider. You can seek him out for information if you just want to know more, with no commitment or pressure for commitment.

I ask that you consider this; high school age kids want to be a part of a family too. Talk to Ron by calling 859-331-2040.

Recently I was looking at the Children’s Home Web site. I came across an e-mail link to one of the Sisters. I think it was the Big Sister, like the President of the Sisters. So, I just clicked on it and typed in, “Ron Bertch is a saint. A saint, I say.” Click..send.

I immediately received a reply. “Why do you think Ron Bertch is a saint? What has he done to make him a saint?”

I replied, “Er, he doesn’t shed much.”

(Ken Stone is the publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached at 824-3343 or by e-mail at kstone@grantky.com.)