Lasting friendships made on the court for WHS seniors

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By Ryan Naus

For the Williamstown senior basketball players, this season was their chance to prove that they could make something special happen whenever they took the court.

They set a goal of winning 10 games and met that goal with their 92-42 victory over Covington Latin on senior night.

“This year was a lot better. The past years have been kind of tough, record wise. It felt a lot better this year. It feels pretty good playing our last year and winning some ball games,” Zack Anglin said.

“Walking onto the court, we felt more confident wearing the uniform than we did in past years because we were winning more ball games,” Dustin Bryant said.

The seniors helped the Demons rebuild their senior season and hope that the players that follow will continue to build upon this season’s success.

“I think we set a good example as role models this year, on and off the court,” Joshua Jump said.

“I’m glad they had somebody to look up to and it gives the players confidence for next year to play well,” Patrick Spoonamore said.

The Demons cherished each opportunity they had to play on their home court, especially feeding off the energy of the team’s fans and the Williamstown pep band.

“It was a great experience. Our gym is one of the hardest to play in and we had the best pep band,” Wes Philpot said.

“I like playing in our gym better than any other gym,” Anglin said. “It’s a small, compact atmosphere that gets loud when you do something good, especially when it’s packed. You can’t explain the rush of adrenaline. It’s an amazing experience. Playing in that atmosphere is an opportunity that many people don’t get to experience.”

“Our pep band definitely helps us a lot, along with our student section and fans,” Kevin May said.

Anglin, Bryant, Jump and Spoonamore have played together the longest, but, along with May and Philpot, each has developed friendships during their time on the court.

“We’ve played together forever,” Anglin said. “It’s more than just being basketball teammates. They are one of your family members. You’ll never forget playing with them. We’ll have memories to tell our children someday. It’s been a long, fun road, but we’ll always be able to look back on how close we are and those memories will be with us forever.”

“Playing with these guys for all these years, I think we’ll have a bond that we’ll always be able to share. I think we grew as friends and as men playing together,” Jump said.

Now that their time representing the Demons while playing basketball has come to an end, the boys look back and wish they had one more chance to take the court as teammates.

“Stepping into the locker room after the last game and knowing that you’ll never walk back out there again is one of the worst feelings,” Bryant said.

“I wish that I would have played my freshman year and could have gotten better. It was great to have this experience with these guys this year,” May said.

“The other day, some of us were talking in English about how we’d do anything to put the uniform back on and run one more eight (sprints) and to be able to run one more time as a team,” Spoonamore said. “You never know how it’s going to hit you until it’s over.”

The seniors have advice for the players that follow, whether they played side-by-side with them this year or they are just picking up a basketball for the first time.

“Work hard. It’s going to be quick. One day it will be your freshman year and your coach will tell you that it will go by quick. One day you’ll blink and it will be your senior year,” May said.

“Never take a play off. Trust me, you will regret it if you do. Dive on every loose ball. If you have free time, get off your butt and play some basketball,” Anglin said. “If you love the game of basketball, be a gym rat. Do what it takes, not only in practice but after practice, to advance and become a better player so you can not only improve your skills but help your team get better.”

“Cherish it. Don’t let any moment slip by that you’ll regret,” Bryant said. “You don’t realize until it’s over how fast it goes by. After it’s over, you realize what you’ve lost and you’ll never get it back. You’ll miss it.”

“Above all, you need to cherish the moments you have with your teammates and your friends. Respect your coaches,” Jump said.

“Have fun. That’s the main thing. Go out and have fun. It’s going to go by quick,” Philpot said.

“You don’t realize how much fun it is until your season is over. Give 110 percent all the time. Make good friendships with your teammates and become a family,” Spoonamore said.

Favorite memories

Kevin May - The Fleming County Christmas Tournament, spending the week together with his teammates

Wes Philpot - Taking second place at the Fleming County Christmas Tournament

Patrick Spoonamore - District tournament game against Simon Kenton and how the team played the best they could

Josh Jump - Senior Night and seeing everyone smile the whole game

Dustin Bryant - The whole season and career as a Demon, along with the friendships they built

Zack Anglin - Before they played in high school and playing in the driveways, along with the time they spent together before games