Lady Demons tennis a work in progress

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By Matt Birkholtz

Programs that are brand new or still fresh have adjustments to make in order to be successful.

For the Williamstown Lady Demons tennis program, it is still a work in progress as they lost to Simon Kenton March 28 at Webb Park in Williamstown.

“I was hoping to see better matches today, but we are still improving and are a very young team,” Williamstown coach Sean Binder said.

Lady Demons senior Amanda Wilson lost her singles match with Lady Pioneer Katie French 8-4.

Senior Brittany Elliott lost to Stephanie Bridges 8-2 and eighth grader Sarah Hicks lost to Jessie Green 8-5.

“It was a pretty good match up and there are things that Wilson will need to work on, like positioning and focus on the basics,” Binder said.

Binder said that even though the match was won 8-4, there could have been in deuce each time.

A deuce is where both tennis players have reached the score of 40 in a game. In order to get out of deuces, a player needs to get a first advantage and then a two-point margin to win the game, according to Encyclopedia Britannica website.

In the doubles sets, seventh grader Savanna Moss and eighth grader Julie Fryman were not able to keep up with Mieko Hampton and Chelsey Lofton, losing 8-2.

“It wasn’t as good as we usually do,” Moss said. “We let Simon Kenton control the net and that was what hindered us from winning.”

Next up for Williamstown is a match with Carroll County April 1 at 4 p..m in Webb Park.