Kentucky Changers' generosity helps 30 homeowners

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By Ryan Naus

Several local homeowners were amazed by the difference that can be made when youth care about others.


About 150 teenagers came to Grant County last week as part of Kentucky Changers, which is an organization sponsored by the Kentucky Baptist Convention that uses seventh through 12th graders to refurbish exteriors of homes.

“God sent these people to help the community,” Kay Burns, one of the homeowners, said. “It’s part of God’s design for people to help other people. He’s coming out of the churches and bringing His word to the people.”

Burns was one of three houses on Leon Boulevard in Williamstown that were selected for repair by Kentucky Changers. One group of teenage workers spent their week repairing decks, cleaning yards and ministering to the homeowners.

“It was a positive experience,” Burns said. “They brought laughter, were very friendly and took on a task until it was done. They were giving to the community and making things better in God’s name. They came and ministered to me. It helped me to reconnect with people.”

The youth worked as far south as Corinth and as far north as Walton, with many sites in between. Brenda Montgomery of Dry Ridge had her house worked on as the youth replaced her roof.

“It was a big relief, knowing that we were going to get our roof put on,” Montgomery said. “If you could see the difference that the kids made on all the houses, it’s hard to believe that they could get that much work done in a week.”

Montgomery formed a bond with the teenagers that worked on her house, as they spent the week together, sharing meals and laughs.

“I wanted to keep them for my own,” she said. “They were super kids and you couldn’t ask for a better group of kids than what they were. We got attached to the kids.”

Velma Colson of Corinth appreciated the hard work of the teenagers as they helped maintain the house that her late husband, Joe, built. The teenagers painted the house and made minor repairs.

“It would have made (Joe) proud if he could see what these kids are doing. He loved this home,” Colson said through tears. “He knew that I would need help and I’ve gotten help. I never even dreamed that I could get help like this.”

The youth reminded Colson that there are people in the world that are willing to help others.

“They’ve been an answer to a prayer,” Colson said. “I didn’t realize there were people like this that helped less fortunate people. To me, this means a lot. I see these Christian kids and I feel like God is pushing them and has a good influence on them. They are doing good deeds, instead of getting into trouble. I think it’s great that these kids, as young as they are, care enough to take an interest. It’s unbelievable.”

The teenagers also left part of themselves behind. The groups each decorated a flower stand for each home they worked on, also filling it up with flowers.

“It brought tears to me eyes,” Burns said. “When you know God’s doing something, you feel it. They brought God’s love here. Hopefully, other people will be inspired by the work that these teenagers have done.”