It takes all of us to cover Grant County

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

It’s hard to believe that our children have been in school for a week already. I’m still wondering what happened to summer?
When the students return to school, the News staff gears up to cover as many school and sporting events that we can.
Believe me, there’s enough activitiy at the schools alone to keep us busy 24/7, throw in all the community events and a 40-hour work week quickly turns in 50 plus hours.

Besides myself there are two other writer/photographers in the editorial department. We have divided the schools amongst us and make every attempt to cover as many events that we can.
This year, I’m also in the process of completely reorganizing our sports coverage. I am currently interviewing candidates for the position of sports correspondent.

Our goal is not to decrease sports coverage but to actually provide more by hiring several people to cover sports we can spread the coverage out and give our readers more photos, features, game and tournament coverage.

This has been a learning process for us and we appreciate the cooperation and patience of the athletes, coaches, athletic directors, parents and sports fans.

There’s still some bugs to be worked out and we’re diligently working on them. In next week’s News, you can meet the fall sports teams and coaches in a “Meet The Teams” special section to the Grant County News.

One comment that puzzles me every time I hear someone say it is that the News favors one school or sport over the other and that’s just not true.

Some schools or coaches are better at communicating with our staff than others, but we don’t intend to favor one school or sport.
My philosophy is that schools and sports are the two things that unify our community and that’s why my emphasis is on bringing our readers the most school/sports coverage that we possibly can.
However, because a staff of three can only be in so many places at one time and juggle so many events, there’s an opportunity for the community, be it parents, grandparents, siblings or just plain interested folks, in helping us out by submitting information and photos about events to us.

I can guarantee you that at least 95 percent of every submitted local item makes it into print. That means if your team, school, club or organization isn’t getting space in the Grant County News, you need to call (859-824-3343) me or email (jbakernantz@grantky.com) me and let’s work together on finding a solution.

The Education Page (usually page 8) and our sports pages are a popular section of our weekly newspaper. Many of our readers have called to tell us they enjoy reading about local students and school activities.
I enjoy visiting the schools and interacting with students.  Unfortunately, I, nor the rest of the News staff cannot be at every school, every day.

The Grant County News offers the same opportunity for each school to submit news and photos for publication.
The fact is that some schools do a better job of submitting news items than others.

But that’s where parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts and uncles can help us and your child’s school out by giving us a quick call or sending an e-mail when something is going on.

It can be as simple as a classroom fixing a Thanksgiving meal or producing a play or as complex as a science fair or academic match.
The bottom line is that we are not all-knowing and we rely on our readers to help us stay informed, not just about school news, but of news that is of interest to our community.

We rely on our community to submit news items to us or to at least take a few moments and call us and let us know of an event.
Please, don’t ever assume that we aren’t interested in something, be it a festival, local sporting event, etc. We can’t make a decision on whether we will cover something, if we aren’t given the opportunity to know about it in the first place.

We also welcome photographs from the schools and community. In most cases, the photos will be scanned and then handed back to you before you leave the News office.
The photos can be in color. We accept them in print format or on a disc or by e-mail as a jpg file.
The public should never assume that the newspaper staff knows of a community event just because we work here. If you’re planning an event, take a minute or two to call, e-mail or fax us. Again, we’ll make every effort to get it covered.

I am never bothered by phone calls from readers giving me tips on stories or those who call to make sure we know something is happening and I would rather receive three or four phone calls than none and miss something.
There’s no other way to say it besides, we need your help. Grant County is on the move and we can’t keep up without help from you.
So if you know of an event, be it school or otherwise, please, please call us at 824-3343 or e-mail us at gceditorial@grantky.com or fax us a note at 824-5888.
We appreciate and rely upon the help.
(Jamie Baker-Nantz is editor of the Grant County News. She can be reached at 859-824-3343 or by email at jbakernantz@grantky.com)