It must be puppy love

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By Bryan Marshall

By Bryan Marshall


I’ve never been one to love Valentine’s Day.

Don’t even get me started with Sweetest Day.

I consider myself a fairly romantic guy and I think my wife would agree.

Although I hate the fact that they die before you can blink an eye, I have no problem buying roses or other flowers for a special occasion.

I enjoy meticulously planning things every now and then with the purpose of surprising my better half.

But, I’d rather do it for Christmas, her birthday, our anniversary or out of the blue, just for the wow factor of it.

If you give me a date in February where guys are forced to pony up hard-earned cash for chocolates and other gifts to avoid the inevitable cold shoulder from your spouse, I don’t get inspired.

That all may change, however, after this past Valentine’s Day.

I will forever recognize Feb. 14 as the day that I finally felt like a lifelong dream may come true.

Using a homemade coupon book, my wife notified me that I have her permission to get a dog.

Ever since I was little, I have wanted my own “man’s best friend” only to be rejected every step of the way.

A puppy was simply out of the question to my mother.

When I left home for college at the University of Kentucky, the dorms did not allow them and most apartments either had a no-pet policy or charged you a large fee.

When my wife and I bought our first house in October, I thought there finally was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I was sure that there would be no more gag gifts of stuffed animals to torture me or constant questioning by my friends and family when I was going to get a dog.

Alas, my wife still was not on board.

They cost too much.

It will tear up our new house.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I even tried to guilt her on multiple occasions by explaining how she was not only breaking my heart, but the heart of our 19-month-old son, who screams with excitement whenever he sees a “DOGGIE!!!.”

I guess I finally wore her down because now I have the coveted permission I’ve always lacked before.

I still have not found a dog yet.

My quest will take a little while longer while I do some research and locate the perfect pet.

But, it finally is going to happen.

I figure it took my whole life to get this far, what’s a few more weeks?

(Bryan Marshall is the staff writer at the Grant County News. He can be reached at bmarshall@grantky.com)