Injury cuts season short for GCHS' Gorby

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By Paul Gable

Candace Gorby will never forget the events that transpired on Jan. 15.

The Grant County High School girls' basketball junior point guard had just recorded a steal from Pendleton County's point guard when she headed up the court for what appeared to be an easy layup.

That is until she heard two pops in her knee.

"I went in to do a spin move and my foot stayed planted while my knee turned. I knew after I heard the pops that it wasn't good," said Gorby.

She was right—the news was not good as doctors determined Gorby suffered a complete tear of her anterior cruciate ligament and a partial tear of her meniscus. To add insult to injury, the Lady Braves suffered a 49-25 loss to Pendleton County and found themselves in the midst of a five-game losing streak with Gorby on the bench.

"The pain of being told that my season was over hurt more than the injury. The pain wasn't that bad. I realized just how much I missed playing basketball during my injury. It is like that saying, you don't realize what you've got until it's gone. It's made me a lot more focused and driven," said Gorby.

A self-described gym rat, Gorby was unable to dress with her team for games, something that did not sit well with the junior.

"It was frustrating to watch. My job was to get Sarah Johnson the ball so she could shoot, and to sit there and watch, it was upsetting to know I could not help my senior teammates," she said.

Gorby said the toughest moment was watching her teammates lose 59-55 at Williamstown on Jan. 25.

Despite not being able to take the court with her teammates, Gorby tried to get in some action on the floor, shooting on one leg until undergoing surgery to repair the torn ligaments.

"It has not been fun because I haven't picked up a ball since the surgery. It stinks because I haven't done any physical activity at all," she said.

As for the surgery, all went well and Gorby actually received some good news.

"The ACL was completely torn in two, and they put in a cadaver. The meniscus tear was not as bad as they thought," Gorby said.

With the injury behind her, Gorby will now turn her attention to at least six months of rehabilitation..

"It all depends on how hard you work and want to bounce back. My goal is to be back for soccer season. I think I will be back stronger than before," she said.