Hunt’s dream comes true

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GCHS senior signs letter of intent wih KCU

By Matt Birkholtz

Basketball has been a major part of Trevor Hunt’s life since he was 4-years-old.

Now, he begins a new chapter of basketball in his life as he signed his national letter of intent, April 13, to play for Kentucky Christian University.

“It means a lot to me,” Hunt said. “It means I fulfilled my dream.”

Hunt, who averaged 18 points per game and seven rebounds last season for the Braves, will be trading in his gold and blue for red and black, which he supported with a red tie and red tennis shoes.

“I had to match the tie,” he said.

Hunt said basketball, along with his family and teammates, who attended the signing, have been important during his life.

“Basketball has been a big part of my life,” Hunt said. “My brother, Cory, and sister, Brooke, played in college and I always watched them play, which made me want to play at the collegiate level. Basketball is big in my life.”

This dream may not have come true after his sophomore season, when he injured his back.

“I was out for 12 weeks,” Hunt said. “It wasn’t a freak injury. It was just surprising to me.”

Following that season, Grant County basketball saw a coaching change with Jim Hicks taking over the program in 2011. The Braves went 9-20 in that first season, but in 2012, the Braves won 20 games, making it to the 8th Region tournament, where they lost to Oldham County in the first round.

Hunt contributes making it to the collegiate level to Hicks’ instruction and preparation.

“It would have been great if coach Hicks could have been here since my freshman year,” Hunt said. “Nothing against coach Ron Kinmon or coach Joseph Utter, they have been a big part of me getting here, but coach Hicks has made me the person I am today and the reason I am going to play college basketball.”

Hicks said he hopes this is the first of many GCHS basketball players that will get an opportunity to play collegiate basketball.

“This is the selling point for our program here for the younger players,” Hicks said. “This is icing on the cake. This is special to Trevor and this was goal from the beginning of the season to see his goal come true.”

His mother, Etta Hunt, has been an integral part in Trevor’s basketball career, as she is the first one he would look for after basketball games.

“Mom is my number one fan and she is always there for me,” Hunt said. “She is my biggest supporter for me and never picks out the negatives, but looks at the positives.”

Hunt added that his family together is his biggest fans.

Etta said she is proud to see her son get this opportunity.

“This is what he worked for from day one since he was 4-years-old and he has accomplished that,” Etta said. “Obviously, every child wants to make it to this level, but he has worked hard for this, every day with a basketball in his hand.”

Etta said anytime they went to Wal-Mart when Hunt was little, he would want a ball from the store.

“Every trip we had to purchase a ball,” Etta said.

Now he will be heading to play for Knights coach Ron Reed and learning a new coaching philosophy.

Hunt said he chose KCU because of the long interest that Reed had in him the past two seasons.

“It was down to two schools, Spalding University and KCU,” Trevor said. “I made a visit to KCU and it was welcoming and I just felt comfortable there. It’s not the biggest school, but it’s perfect for me. It seems like I am home there.”

Hunt said he likes the basketball program because it has a lot of tradition down there.

Reed looks forward to adding Hunt to his roster for the 2012-13 season.

“It is a great need for our team,” Reed said. “Coach Hicks told me when I came to visit that Hunt is the real thing.

Hunt has a great desire to play and is a great person and Hunt’s father, Mike Hunt is looking forward to watching him play for KCU.

“I will be at every game,” Mike said. “I will continue to support to support Grant County basketball, because these boys are like a family to me too.”

Hunt had some advice for his teammates.

“Just listen to coach Hicks” Hunt said. “I know some days you may think he is pushing you too hard, but if he isn’t pushing you, then something’s not right.”