Holy Cow!

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By Ken Stone




ormer Grant County residents and now kind-of Owen County folks, Larry and June Osborne, are proud grandparents of Dalton Osborne.

If you have ever shown a Santa Gertrudis in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky or at the Tennessee, Texas or Arkansas State Fair, throwing in national shows, Memphis Open Show, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Open Show in Ft. Worth and the National Santa Gertrudis Show in Jackson, Mississippi, then you know Dalton and you know Rosie!

They have never been beaten! They are Grand Champions over and over again. And, as a lady, Rosie has bested all the men she has ever competed against!

Within 15 minutes of my conversation with Larry, I learned more about Santa Gertrudis than I know about anything else.  If you had shown me a picture and asked me, before talking to Larry,  I would have looked at the photo and said, “I see a cow.”

Larry told me about the first American beef breed on the United States.  The Santa Gertrudis breed was developed to survive the hard cattle drives of the old west days.  Their grandson, Dalton Osborne, by skill and not by chance, has the best Santa Gertrudis in the country.  That’s Rosie 190. 

Rosie is a superstar and offspring of O. U. Superstar, a fellow Owen County Grand Champion.  She is one of three cows from Kentucky that has won National Grand Champion awards.

As Larry and June boasted about their grandson’s ability at taking care of and showing Rosie they educated me on how Santa Gertrudis are judged.

Rosie and her peers are judged on her utter, feet, depth of body, girth, neck and other attributes.  In Rosie’s league it is good to be 1,700 pounds and she is even judged on how she walks those pounds around.

To keep Rosie in shape she’s fed about 40 pounds of selected grain and Bermuda grass every day. Controlling her diet is important or she can bloat and that’s not good for a Grand Champion.

Rosie has retired from show business while an undefeated champion.  As I am writing this, she is having a calf.

Larry and June are extremely proud of how their grandson led Rosie to national fame.  Dalton is somewhat of a Grand Champion himself, having played football for Grant County and with a straight A average and college scholarships being offered to him for the coming fall semester.


(Ken Stone is publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached at 859-824-3343 or by e-mail at kstone@grantky.com.)