Holding Williamstown, GC in The Light

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The Quaker meeting is “Holding Williamstown and Grant County In The Light” (a traditional way of saying we are praying for you) because many of the city and county residents are beginning to realize you got scammed by a religious con artist with the bond issues passed and other public money you gave him, as evidenced by the chaos at the Grant County Fiscal Court budget meeting.
And well intended ARK employees are writing to plead for the state government and further county and city tax increases/budget cuts to bail them out with “building more motels and other attractions.”
The ARK will be in bankruptcy within five years and the city and county residents will be paying for another 25 years.
Gut services to the residents and education by budget cuts or raise taxes. You made a deal with the devil in religious zeal and now you have to pay for it. All we can do is pray for you and your community.
John Moorman
Round Rock, Texas